Week 15 & Finals

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You Wrote me??

I decided to do a 4 star assignment entitled Line Remix. The assignment was to

Take a famous line from a movie and remix it. to create an entirely new story from just this one line. Get creative, but make sure to have a good balance between what you add and keep to make sure that the line is still regonizable, but tells the story completly differently.

I started my downloading a YouTube video of The Notebook Kissing Scene. I thought it would be funny to take the scene where Noah tells Ally he wrote her and change it into more of a stalkerish feel, than a romantic one.

notebook 1

I then converted the YouTube video to an MP3 using a YouTube converter. This will allow me to better manipulate the different sound in the video. This is also how you get a video from YouTube to Audacity. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for so long and then my roommate said why don’t you just use a converter

NB 2

I then uploaded the MP3 to Audacity.When you download the MP3 file from the converter you can just drag the file straight to Audacity and drop it.

NB 3

In order to remove the background noise (rain and music) I used Noise Reduction. That left me with a very quiet audio as you can see in the wave lengths below.

NB 4

Then I used the Amplify tool to make the audio louder. You can only amplify it so loud. For example below the OK button is faded and you can’t click it because the amplification is too high.

NB 5

After amplifying the wavelengths were a lot bigger as you can see below.

NB 6

I then cut the empty spaces out so there wasn’t long dramatic breaks. I feel like long dramatic breaks work better for the romantic feel where when your scared it’s shorter sentences and shorter breaks in between. Below you can see the difference in the length compared to above. I did this by selecting a section and then pressing delete. You have to make sure that the file is stopped and not running in order to delete or do any effects to do any alterations to the file.

NB 7

I wanted Noah to sound scarier and Allie to sound more shocked so I changed the speed, pitch, and tempo.

NB 8NB 9NB 10

I also played around with Equalization tool. This allowed me to change different points within a selected amount of the audio clip and change the dB and a certain Hz. This tool was very helpful in changing the way the sentences were said.

NB 11

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/228115264″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&sho w_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

I decided to check out some of the blogs while doing this assignment and found that most people just rearranged the words and made different sentences using some of the same words. They then recorded themselves saying the rearranged words. This seemed easier than what I was doing of trying to change the tone of their voices. I looked at a Mean Girls, Princess Diaries, and She’s the Man one and they all did this. There rearrangements were very funny!

If I did the assignment like they did above I would have kept the same line:

Young Noah: I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year.
Young Allie: You wrote me?
Young Noah: Yes… it wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/228106201″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

And then I would have remixed the line to:

Young Noah: I watched you 365 times. I watched you everyday for a year.

Young Allie : You watched me?

Young Noah: Yes… it wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.

Time Lapse Start Menu


The first design assignment I did that we got to choose was 4 stars. It’s called Animated the DVD Menu. The assignment was to choose a key scene from a movie and make a GIF that would resemble the start menu on a DVD player. I choose the movie Time Lapse because I just watched it on Netflix and my roommate just finished it while I was doing my DS106 homework. This movie is actually the bomb. It reminds me of a movie you would see in a film festival, but it is suspenseful and you don’t see the ending coming- so if you have Netflix watch it and if you don’t find a friend with Netflix and watch it.

The Process

I made the GIF using this website. I really enjoy this website and making GIFs so I decided to make a tutorial to help anyone out who may be struggling with this assignment.

  1. Choose a video from YouTube that has the clip that you want to make the GIF with in it and copy the URL.1
  2. Go to https://imgflip.com/gifgenerator.
  3. Paste the URL into the box on the main screen and click enter.
  4. You will then be taken to this screen. You can now choose the scene you want by moving the green and red arrows. If you want to preview what you selected you can click the preview button. You can get more precise scenes by typing the seconds into the boxes below the sliding arrows.
  5. Now to add the title and different features that a movie screen would have you type into the text box. You can change the color of the words and he outline by clicking on the colored boxes next to the text box. In order to space the words out without paying for the advance program, I had to space in between words until I got the spacing that I wanted as you can see in the screenshot below. 4
  6. You then press GENERATE GIF and you will be given a link to a page with the GIF, the option to download the GIF (my suggestion), and different links to embed that GIF. I download it so that I can save my work in a file and upload the GIF to WordPress. 5

The Hunna Acre Woods

All was good in the Hunna Acre Woods, Pooh was selling his honey on the black market, Roo just got his first girlfriend, Rabbit’s modeling career had reached new heights and he was the new spokesperson for Guy Gardner’s, Owl had became a successful pilot in the Air Force, Piglet overcame his fear of loud noises and opened up a bumping nightclub in New York City, and Tigger’s rap career had taken off. He had just released his first EP and the whole crew was getting together for the preview party. However, Eeyore was down in the dumps. While all of his friend’s lives were just beginning, he still didn’t know what he wanted to do. He had become very discouraged and even more depressed than his usual self. He hardly smiled, even his Snapchat stories revolved around sad selfies of himself.


Later on at the EP preview party. They heard one of Tigger’s new songs. However, because Roo and his girlfriend were there they had to censor the song.

<iframe width=”100%” height=”450″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/236982144&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;visual=true”></iframe>

While at the party Eeyore realized how nothing has changed in his life. He still lost his tail and his house of sticks still fell while he was sleeping. He needed a change. He needed to find what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He talked to Pooh who may have been under the influence of substances, but he explained to Eeyore about The Land of Milk and Honey. Pooh had always wanted to journey here, but his business was booming and he didn’t have time to leave. Eeyore decided that a journey is just what he needed. So he set off on his adventure, hoping to discover his true calling in life.

<iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/148447262″ width=”500″ height=”888″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

He traveled through forest and up mountains and finally arrived at The Land of Milk and Honey.


He watched as the bees cultivated honey and the cows produced milk. However, Eeyore was too big to get into the hive and couldn’t produce milk. The Land of Milk and Honey was not the place for him, it was the place for a bear like Pooh. As he was leaving The Land of Milk and Honey he saw an ad on one of the honey bottles and finally decided what he would do for the rest of his life…………..

At that very moment Mrs. Robin decided Christopher Robin needed to grow up, get a job, and move out of her home. She knew that the only way to make him grow up and leave his childhood behind was to burn the book that encompassed his childhood, enlarged his imagination, and kept him from growing up.

My final project encompasses media (a selfie of your pet), audio (adding bleeps to sound/ making your own music), design (a landscape with objects that don’t belong), and a video (Action). Everything was fairly easy to complete except the rap. I began with editing The Winnie The Pooh theme song, however the more I changed the voice to sound manly the harder it was to understand. I decided a rap would would better. I wrote the lyrics, then recorded a friend performing it with Audacity and then edited it with Audacity. I used freesound.org to download a beep and several different rap sounds. I then sped up, adjusted the pitch, and amplified the recording. I uploaded the EP to Soundcloud and embedded it in my story. I’ve been trying all year to find controversy in my projects and most of the controversy has been environmental based. However, the rap includes the word “nigga” I hesitated at the addition of this I then decided that in our culture and generation and especially in rap music this is not a disgraceful or derogatory term. In rap music and even just our generation it’s basically used as a term to say friend. As I am sitting here writing this several of my friends are in a different room playing NBA 2K16 and I have heard them say nigga at least 15 times. Previously to that I was showing someone the rap who asked to see it and one of our friends was in the room and when he heard nigga he stated how that was kinda offensive, even though he has listened to rap music.

In conclusion I ended my story with questions. Eeyore doesn’t get to state what he wants to do, Mrs. Robin burns the book but what fate does that leave to the residence of The Hundred (Hunna) Acre Woods, and what lies in store for Christopher Robin?

x Kelsey


Week 13 & 14 summary

Week 13 and 14 went by wayyy too fast! In a blink of an eye the week was almost over and I had to kick it into overdrive. I knocked out my daily creates the first week and also picked out my assignments the first week, but I didn’t do any of the work until Thanksgiving break, because I was swamped in school. WordPress got an update which kind of tripped me up this week, but it looks really cool. It will just take some getting use to. The assignments proved to be fairly easy and tied it a lot of what we have previously used/learned.

What is a Remix?

Instead of writing up an explanation of what you learned, instead formulate your own understanding about remix and mashup, and record a video or audio of you explaining it to someone who is not familiar; this could ba a family member, friend, neighbor, random stranger. The point is to capture a recording of your explanation and make sure we hear the other person, perhaps asking a question. If you show them any examples, do it before you record (we do not need to hear them again).Write up a blog post that includes this recording and anything else you want to share to show your understanding of remix, and explaining how the examples you watched demonstrated the form. Put some thought on whether this is a creative act and as well explore what it means for the entities that retain copyright over the media forms that are remixed. Include links and/or embeds of all media you reference.

I began by watching RiP: A Remix Manifesto and I was really confused at first I thought I was watching Project X. But then they started talking about Girl Talk. A band that remixes music, then they narrator started talking about copyrights and the legality of it. I though the concept of ideas being property was really interesting. Personally I think that ideas should be shared and manipulated in order to create new ideas. I understand copyrighting product ideas in order to make a profit, but ideas of the internet are different. The video focused on music. Asking the question who would have a problem with two videos being put together. When we started thinging about music I think of the Taylor Swift and Spotify debacle. At first I didn’t agree with Taylor Swift but once I heard her side, I thought she was correct in her argument. Swift argues against Spotify allowing listeners so listen to music for free while paying artist minimum by saying,

In my opinion, the value of an album is, and will continue to be, based on the amount of heart and soul an artist has bled into a body of work, and the financial value that artists (and their labels) place on their music when it goes out into the marketplace. Piracy, file sharing and streaming have shrunk the numbers of paid album sales drastically, and every artist has handled this blow differently.

Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for. It’s my opinion that music should not be free, and my prediction is that individual artists and their labels will someday decide what an album’s price point is. I hope they don’t underestimate themselves or undervalue their art.

This is somewhat different then the argument in the video, but still somewhat relevant. The concepts being brought up include; is creativity being limited?, artist build on past work, singing Happy Birthday is a copyright infringement, copyright was designed to encourage people to create, downloading music from the internet and the copyright infringement problem. I learned about copyright through this video, but I somehow don’t understand how it’s so terrible and worth suing and criminalizing. I liked the comparison of citing an authors work to using video. You can take a passage from an author and cite it and that’s okay, so why can’t you do that with video?

Everything is a Remix Part 1

  • Remix: To combine or edit existing materials to make something new
  • Covers and knockoffs are legal remixing
  • Covers: Performances of other people’s material
  • Knockoffs: Copies that stay within legal boundaries

Part 3

  • Xerox: Modern computer in 70’s- Alto and Star
  • Apple: Lisa and Machintosh
  • Mac copied Xerox but made it a household appliance
    • Combinations

Buffy vs Edward: Twighligh remixes

  • Using scene from both
  • Alternating
  • Making them work coarsely
  • Remix
  • Color difference- creator said intentionally left

I was still confused about the difference between the two so I googled Remix vs. Mashup. I ended up finding a really helpful page where the question was tweeted out and responses were tweeted back. The page was created by Adam Levine, whose name I automatically recognized as a member of the DS106.

  • Particular remix technique utilizing content from multiple sources
  • Creative blending of multiple songs/videos
  • Involved the combination of 2+ works that may be very different from one another
  • Blending multiple things
  • Combining 2+ elements into a coherent whole


  • Revisiting a piece of content
  • Creative personal reflection of a song/video
  • Reworking or adaptation of an existing work, may be subtle or completely redefined, may add elements from other works, but generally efforts are focused on creating an alternative version of the original
  • Scrambling something
  • Changing a work, adding new elements, reordering


  • Particular remix technique utilizing content from multiple sources
  • Creative blending of multiple songs/videos
  • Involved the combination of 2+ works that may be very different from one another
  • Blending multiple things
  • Combining 2+ elements into a coherent whole

I decided to teach my dad about remix and mashups and here’s our recording that I did on Audacity.

<iframe width=”100%” height=”450″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/235000925&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;visual=true”></iframe>

Cars in Love or Hate?

When I used the remix generator this is the assignment I got:

Original Assignment

Splash The Color created by Alan Levine
Color splash is a technique to emphasize details- you remove all color from a photo, and then restore original color to a single object, e.g. a green apple on a table. Think of the Girl in the red dress from Schindler’s List.

You can do this in a number of ways with photo editing software or using mobile apps. The answer lies in the Google

bouncyRemix Card: “Mood Swap”

Flip the mood of the assignment. If it’s light, make it dark. If it’s sad, make it happy. If it’s exhilarating, make it not so exhilarating.

I used this splash the color assignment and mood swapped it. I started by saving the picture from the assignment, then I used paint to create a car accident. However I tried to stick with the color scheme and so I made different shades of grey and black smoke above and then a colorful fire by the cars. The original picture demonstrates the couples cars “car kissing” and gives off a cute and vibrant mood. In order to swap that I decided to remix the picture in a car accident.


Here’s the original picture.


This is how I started in Paint.


And then here’s my final project.

3.5 Stars

Mashup Assignment 1520

For this assignment you are to mash together a video of clips or photos of your favorite TV character or personaility.

I decided to do this assignment on Dwight Schrute, because is there really anymore funnier than him? And who wants to watch a long video of boring TV characters?


First off WordPress changes their layout and it’s weird or maybe it’s been a new updates but I just got it since I had to wipe my whole computer clean. And since I had to do that I had to download Movie Maker again before I could start this assignment.


Then I went to the internet and started looking of videos of Dwight.


I converted them how I usually so with the video converter.


I then pasted all of the videos I downloaded into Movie Maker and then went through and just cropped all the different segments, since I was downloading videos that were already compilations. I decided to do categories of why Dwight is the best in order to spice up the assignment. So then I went through and made title pages that summed up multiple videos. I added a title and animation to the slides and then wahlah I had my finished products.

[vimeo 146980386 w=500 h=375]

3.5 stars

Mashup Assignments 1174

This is some sort of variation on Katy Chase’s The Contest That Nobody Could Win assignment, but instead of clips from a TV show or movie, do clips from your favorite songs and see if anyone can guess what they are. Or at least the artist. Do two or three second clips using 4 or 5 songs. Make them all different. Use soundcloud to post!

I decided to do One Direction because I’m in love with their new album. I decided to start off with their first song on the X Factor, then their first single, their most popular song (Which is probably when I first heard them), and then two songs off the last album that I like.


First I had to download Audacity again. Then I googled One Direction songs.2

I then converted the videos to sound files using the converter I usually use.


I ended up downloading 5 songs, that way each song would get about 2 seconds of sound.


Here’s all the songs in Audacity.


And here’s my final project. I then exported it and uploaded it to SoundCloud.


[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/234770684″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

4 Stars

Mashup Assignment 1506

For this assignment you are to take a picture of one of your friends or just a person that is in the moment doing something exactly like an emoji and then mash them together for comparison.

This assignment was extremely simple, besides finding a model. Once I found a model choosing an emoji was also tricky but after that it was just snapping the picture, blowing the emoji that the picture was modeled after up in Snapchat and then making a pic collage of the two images.


So I took a picture of my dad, pondering how to cook the turkey.IMG_8776

Then took a picture on Snapchat of a black background.


Then using the third button from the top right I placed the thinking emoji on the screen.


Then I made the emoji fill the whole screen.


I then went to Pic Collage and selected the two pictures.IMG_8780

And made this! Which I then saved and then wahlah! I was done!IMG_8781


Daily Creates

TDC 1408

The assignment was to draw a place in your dream. Immediately I thought of this reoccurring dream I keep having. In the dream I am a finalist in the last HOH competition of the hit reality game show Big Brother. The final HOH competition is between the last three players in the game. It’s divided into 3 three different competitions that each challenge a different aspect of the play. The first is usually endurance, then a strength/puzzle type competition, and the final is usually questions dealing with the house guests. The winner of the first automatically goes to the third and the winner of the second competes against the winner of the first. That person then chooses who they will take to the finale where the evicted house guest who became jury members will vote who they think should win. I always have this dream where I’m competing against an ex best friend and her sister, but the two of them are working together. In the competition we must carry over the round circles and  stack them on the other wall, but you must use them to climb up to the spot where they belong. The first time I had this dream I won and the second time I woke up before I finished the competition.

TDC 1410

Today’s daily create was to take a picture of the happiest part of your day. The happiest part of my day was lunch at Olive Garden with my mom. See the part of the external hard drive at the bottom of my picture. Yeah the worst part of my day was when I realized it didn’t save the documents and all the files on my computer and I had already wiped my whole computer. So bye bye documents! ):

TDC 1411


Today’s daily create was to take a picture of something red. My roommates boyfriend got an Xbox…….. and put it in our living room. So yay just what I always wanted him here all the time and now taking over our TV. So while he was setting it up a color choice was red. I don’t know why it’s saying that my picture isn’t available, however there it is above.

x Kelsey

Week 11 and 12 Summary

It’s Monday and I’m already started my weekly summary. The first thing I did after reading what our assignments are these next to weeks was download Windows Movie Maker. Hopefully this will allow me to make better, more intriguing videos with no watermarks. I then picked out 5 video assignments that were worth a good amount of stars, so that I could start planning when and how I wanted to complete these.

Video Assignments

Video Assignment 1469

The assignment, worth 5 stars, was to make a video of someone who is special to you doing things that you like about them. I made a montage of my roommate, Rachel. I chose her

1. Because I have more videos of her than anyone else

2.  Your bond with your roommate is something that nothing else can compare too

and 3. She’s the bomb.com.

I made the video using Flipagram. Flipagram allows you to select as many videos as you desire, crop them, add music, ect. It’s extremely easy to use. I did the whole video on my phone because that’s where all my videos were so it was just easier.

Most of the montage consists of Rachel dancing because it makes me laugh and it makes me happy and we love to dance around and be silly together. There’s videos of us jamming out at concerts because that’s where we spend our whole summer and that’s when we really got to know each other. The first video is of Rachel during exam week last year, which is when we really got close, buying a million chocolate bars and anyone who buys that many chocolate bars is a friends of mine. There’s videos of us watching football and videos that demonstrate how excited Rachel gets and then how sad she gets when her team loses. There’s a video of Rachel blowing bubbles in chocolate milk which represents just how childish we are together. Right after that is a video of when Rachel came and surprised me at my volleyball game. She’s always there to support me and cheer me on. The second to last video is of me scaring Rachel when she got home and it’s one of my favorite videos, because it shows how goofy we are together. Her parents love that video of us. I ended the video with her dancing through the window because it reminded me of the theme song from The Office. Most of the videos are just Rachel and I hanging out and being completely goofy around each other. I feel like I can be myself with her, which means were extremely goofy and out of control.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/hFoIIn2kW84″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

I chose the song Underage by Kelsea Ballerini, because I’m using this video as her birthday present. The song has a long of really meaningful lyrics that really describe us as individuals and friends.

All we ever think about is fun
All we ever wanna be is 21

Revolves around athletic boys and girls
Dressed up in their older sister’s clothes

Racing cars and breaking hearts
First taste of love and twist-off wine
Kissing strangers, daring danger
Burning bridges, crossing lines
You don’t think to take it slow
And you don’t know what you don’t know
The nights are young and our IDs are fake


Video Assignment 1854

When I saw this assignment, worth 5 stars, I immediately thought of this scene from The Office below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWCQgLLtM_w&w=420&h=315]

The assignment is to record a video or audio of yourself “saying” a word in Morse Code. The word should be somewhat long so that it is harder for people to guess the word. I decided that I would do a word that relates to The Office involving Dwight since that was what popped into my head first. I googled and began looking at this BuzzFeed article. This made me think of how Dwight was assistant to the assistant regional manager, but later on becomes assistant regional manager. So I decided to do the word ASSISTANT. I am going to record my self using my computer camera doing the Morse Code using a pen like what was done on The Office. I learned (how to say that one word in) Morse Code using a website with an online Morse Code machine.

I then used My Movie Maker to record myself using the webcam on my computer. Then I added a title and an end slide and made them have effects. This program was so easy to use. I can not stress enough how much I wish I used this program last week. And the best part no obsessive watermarks!


[vimeo 144920416 w=500 h=282]

From this I realized it’s a lot of word just to say one word. I can’t imagine using Morse Code to speak back and forth with someone.

Video Assignment 1455

The assignment worth 5 stars was to add unnecessary bleeps to a movie scene.This assignment immediately interested me because it’s such a fun topic and it was 5 stars. I began by choosing a scene. I knew I wanted to do a kid movie because that I thought would be the most fun. The first movie that popped into my head was Finding Nemo. So I googled scenes from finding Nemo and found a collage of Dory moments. The very first scene it showed I though would be perfect for this since they were kinda yelling at each other anyways. That video didn’t show the whole scene and was less than a minute so I then had to find a longer YouTube video of that scene.

Once I found it, I converted it to a file so that I could download it.


Then I used an MP3 converter to convert the file to just a sound. I know this is a weird way to do it but it makes the most sense to me.



So my plan was to edit the sound and ad the bleeps in Audacity and then to put the sound into the Movie Maker with the video and mute the video. I got the sound from freesound.org. I ended up amplifying the sound because it was kinda hard to hear then I would add bleeps to the parts I wanted them and then mute the audio file at that spot. I then imported the audio file I made in audacity to the movie maker as background music. Which worked out very well and now I have the final product!B4[vimeo 144933267 w=500 h=281]

Video Assignment 1653

The forth video assignment I did was called selfie story for 4.5 stars. The directions instructed you to

Narrate a story using selfies. It can be any story you’d like (crazy night out, movie night with friends, just the average day, etc). You can use a combination of selfie clips or pictures, it is all up to you. Create a 1-2 minute video montage of all the selfies to tell the story. Try adding music or effects to keep it interesting.

I decided to narrate my best friend Heather and I’s hiking trip. Which ended up being a lot more adventurous then an average hiking trip. As we had no cell service and therefore had no directions to get there. So along the way we stopped at apple stands, glass blowing shops, and little shops along the way to explore. Finally I had enough cell service to screen shot the directions to Old Rag and then off we went. However this was definitely a more strenuous hike then we were use to. It also was a lot later by now and by the time we came back down the sun had set and we were hiking in pitch black. I put the pictures together on my phone using Flipagram and then put All Star by Smash Mouth as the background music. Using the tools provided in the Flipagram app I added captions to some of the pictures in order to narrate the story a little better. To upload it to my blog I had to upload it onto WordPress from my phone. I tried emailing it but it wouldn’t let me and so I couldn’t get it to upload on Vimeo and Facebook wouldn’t let me upload it because of a possibility of not having rights to the content. Which I’m guessing is the song because the pictures are mine.

[wpvideo 4F6WlRtR]

Video Assignment 1156

This assignment worth 4 stars was to create a video of animals dancing to music. My first idea was Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and the “birds of paradise”. So I got to work!


First I looked up a YouTube video of Shake It Off and then I converted it to a sound file which I would later put into Windows Movie Maker as background music. I then looked up videos of Birds of Paradise dancing, but most of them couldn’t be downloaded. So I began looking through other videos. I found this really good video of spiders dancing to YMCA so I thought I would share.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/xYIUFEQeh3g” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Again I downloaded the You Tube videos with a downloader. However the birds of paradise one wasn’t able to download. So I started looking for other animals. I decided on dolphins and downloaded a half an hour performance from SeaWorld which I then went through and cropped. The video was approximately a half an hour long, so I had to get rid of a lot. I copied different parts that I wanted to show up multiple times throughout the song. I then added music to the video clips I had and rearranged them to make them cohesive with the song. I think this turned out really well and I’m really excited to show it off!

<iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/145683334″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Daily Creates 

TDC 1394

Today’s daily create was to find a hidden picture in cracks in the sidewalk. I used the picture that was provided and found a duck in it. I made it by using Paint.

TDC 1395

Today’s daily create was to take a selfie and then use a filter you’ve never used. I edited the picture using Photoshop and used a weird yellow color filter. I’m not quite sure why people would use this filter but maybe they’re just feeling really yellow.

TDC 1397

Today’s daily create was to write a 6 line poem about the meaning of life. I don’t really know what the true meaning of life is. I just live to the fullest of my ability everyday and try to do good for others, educate myself, and make the world a better place. So for my poem I decided to talk about the scientific purpose of life which is to reproduce and pass on your genes to offsprings.

TDC 1402

Today’s daily create was to tweet a photo of water under a bridge. I thought this cartoon represented the song somewhat well.

TDC 1403

Today’s daily create was to create a grook. Apparently that’s a real thing. Wikepedia defines a grook as

The grooks are characterized by irony, paradox, brevity, precise use of language, sophisticated rhythms and rhymes, and an often satiric nature.

My grook isn’t quite satirical. I kinda struggled with the concept of a grook but this was my best try after looking at some other examples.

TDC 1405

Finally a video daily create! I’ve been pushing off finishing my daily creates trying to wait for a video one and what better time then for my last daily create of the week!

That’s what I wrote before I watched the video and then understood the assignment. Which was to create a picture using words. I decided to make the word fish into a fish. /i did this using Paint. I then decided to add bubbles and then felt like the picture was lacking so I added different words, splash, current, and wave, to the background. I added the word climate change in red in order to kind of give the project a message or a meaning.

Have a Conversation with yourself

This assignment entitled have a conversation with yourself was required and 5 stars however it should break the star ranking because it was incredibly challenging. I’m taking a break from trying to complete it to write about what I have done thus far. So at first I thought I’ll just sing a song and put it in the new acapella app that everyone is using and that will be a lot easy then this assignment. However, after recording myself and listening to me sing and entire song I decided not to do that. However, I might just do the singing assignment and pray no one I know ever finds it.

So after deciding to do the video assignment I recorded myself on one side of the couch in a dress complaining about a volleyball game and asking questions that most people ask when we watch volleyball together. Then I played that audio through headphone and recorded myself in Longhorn gear watching a volleyball game and responding back to the questions. I then began looking for ideas on how to overlap the two videos. Eventually, I found this video:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/pvdcY_U2_TM” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Which I was really excited about until a minute in it states you cant do it with Windows Movie Maker. He then says that there is another program Windows Expression Encoder that allows you to overlay. So I download that and get to work and it’s not what I want. This program allows you to put a video on top of a video however you can’t make in opaque. So there’s just two videos playing at once. I then looked up and downloaded some other ideas and then didn’t work. I tried looking at other projects but it seemed everyone was just recording them selves at different angle so you only saw one person at a time. This was not what the assignment asked for so I decided to keep looking and trying different things. I tried the tutorial that was made but it was only if you had certain software which I didn’t have. I then tried to use my roommates Mac and do it on iMovie but my roommates iMovie wasn’t updating and after trying to update it for over a day I decided to try different ways. I thought maybe if I could crop one of the videos I could overlap it in Windows Expression Encoder. And this too failed because the software I used to crop it does not allow you to save it in the file that Microsoft Expression Encoder uses. I tried time and time again to convert the file and open it but it did not work.


Here’s the 2 videos I filmed in Windows Movie Maker. I filmed them with Movie Maker through my computer.


This is the program I downloaded to crop the video.



And this is what it looked like to crop the video. This was a very useful program however it didn’t allow me to convert the video to a different file. So after trying and trying to do this I finally decided to do it a different way. I would film two videos like a facetime and that way there were two people in the shot at once and it was more difficult then filming just from angles but it didn’t require me to overlap two images.

So I filmed the two videos in Widows Movie Maker. However I found out that you can’t edit the videos if you want to put them in Windows Encrypter Encoded. Which desn’t makes sense since they’re both Windows programs but you cant so I then recorded it multiple time until it lined up perfectly. Here is my scrips for the video:

Hey oh my gosh I miss you soooo much

Same how’s school?

Ugh really good. I love all of my classes, but I have this one online class called digital storytelling and we have an assignment this week that we have to have a conversation with ourselves and like put two of us in one video and I’ve been tryng to do it all day yesterdat and for hours today and I just cant figure it out

Hmmm wow that sounds really challenging! Is this one of those star videos you talked about where you can do any combination?

Yeah it’s one of those but this one is required

Dang that sucks… hmm have you tried doing it on a mac?

Yeha I tried for about 3 hours on a Mac using iMovie and some really fancy $600 dollar video editing tool, but to no avail.

Have you heard of Windows Encoder Encrypter it lets you overlay videos? Maybe that will work

Yeah I tried that to but it just takes the whole video and placed it on top so I had two couches. So I downloaded an application to crop the video but then once you crop it the format cant go into Eindows Encoded Encrypter.

Dang so what are you going to do?

Well I worked with Erin my suitemate for a couple hours trying to figure it out and I’ve googles everything under the sun and then I asked someone in my class and they just changed the angles Which I feel isn’t what it is asking for but  that what everyone is doing. So I’m just going to have to do something like that.

Hmm well I really hope that works for you! I’ll let you go so you can get to work!

Okay wish me luck! I’ll facetime you after I finish!

Good luck!


So I recorded the two videos in Windows Movie Maker and then had to play one in Windows Expression Encoder while I recorded the other to get the timing right.


Here’s what it looked like in Expression Encoder. However, I can only open it with that so I can’t upload it so I’m just going to upload the individual videos because that’s the best I can do. But I tried extremely hard to get this to work. Also if you just play the videos at the same time they should respond to each other so basically the same thing!

<iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/145828344″ width=”500″ height=”375″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/145828344″>Facetime 1</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user43207446″>Kelsey Stanbro</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

<iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/145828598″ width=”500″ height=”375″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/145828598″>facetime 2 rereredone</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user43207446″>Kelsey Stanbro</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>


And here’s a picture of me at McDonalds because I couldn’t get internet on campus. SO hopefully you see this, my effort in the conversation with yourself project, and how I did a good amount more then the amount of stars needed for the week and take pity. Plus I got it in on time!

x Kelsey

Week 10 Summary

How to read a movie

I have done something like this before in an AP Literature and Composition course in high school. We would take movies and go through them looking for context clues and different signs that underlay the plot such as shadows, words, different view points, or lighting. The one I most vividly remember reflecting on was when there’s a scene shot through a window or different room and how when it was shot through the window the character didn’t know something was happening. When the scene was shot normally the character was in the loop about what was being discussed. After learning these techniques in high school I found myself looking for things like those in movies now and I really enjoyed that. So I was excited for this assignment.

Notes on How to Read a Movie by Robert Ebert

  • Had to teach himself
  • Intrinsic weighting: certain areas of the available visual space have tendencies to stir emotional or aesthetic reactions
    • Not consciously applied
  • Shots that well up emotionally, instinctively, or strategically
  • Placement of people
    • Somewhat to the right of the center- ideally places (strong axis)
    • More right- positive
    • More left- negative
    • Centered- objectified (like a mug shot)
    • Person on right seems more dominant over the person on the left
  • Future on the right, past on the left
  • Top is dominant over bottom
  • Foreground stronger than the background
  • Symmetrical composition seems at rest
  • Diagonals in a composition seem to “move” in the direction of the sharpest angle they form
  • Tilt shots put everything on a diagonal, implying the world is out of balance
  • Point of view above a character’s eyeline reduces him, below the eyeline enhances him
  • Extreme high angle- make characters into pawns, low angles- into gods
  • Brighter areas dominant over darker
  • Dominant contrast: area we are drawn towards
  • These rules work by being followed and by being violated

Top 20 Amazing Cinematic Techniques

  • There are a lot of different cameras and filming techniques (steadicam, long cam, track cam, trunk/low angle,frantic, etc) that go into recording a scene
  • The director must think about how he wants the audience to perceive the scene and what he wants to demonstrate

It doesn’t really tell how the effects contribute to the film and without seeing the films or knowing the backstories it’s hard to know what the effects are suppose to be doing. However I did take away an appreciation for all the thought that goes into movies and then I wonder if what Ebert said is true most of the time; that the filmmakers don’t plan these things out, it’s just natural,

The Shining: Zooms

  • Car on the right
  • Car bright yellow, background neutral, earth tones
  • Car enters just to the right of middle
  • Person sleeping top left corner, rest of the scene black
  • zooms out from him sleeping, to show more

I’ve never seen The Shining so I thought it was just showing people and this was a scene from the movie and then it kept adding people so I scrolled down and read:

A synchronized collage of every zoom in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror masterpiece, The Shining.

This was a really short video and I’m not quite sure how to reflect on it without every seeing the movie. Since I’ve never seen it I don’t know why exactly there is zooming in and out and who the characters are or which parts are important. So I decided to read some of the comments and see what people said in order to see what I could learn.

  • Tracking shots:  when a camera follows a person or an object physically moving with the subject

That’s about all I got from the 19 comments. However I know that the zooming is important and relies an undercover message.

  • Possibly when zooming out on the people sleeping: they don’t know what’s happening, someone watching them, showing distance, enhance foreground
  • Zooming in on person sleeping: showing thought/emotions
  • Zoom helps to show a focus point, draw your attention somewhere

American Psycho

In order to review this scene I used the information I received from my post How to Read a Movie.


Analyze the camera work. Before watching the first time, turn the volume on the clip (or on your computer) all the way down. Take notes on the visual aspects of the clip. Look for camera angles, cuts, how many times the camera switches view, the quality of light, the cuts or transitions. Look for the ways the camera tells, guides the story.

  • Head on
    • Objectified, like a mug shot
  • Film from above when filming the guy on the coach
    • Pawn
    • Less dominant
  • Film from below when filming the guy standing
    • God like
    • Dominant over the other guy
  • Reflection in mirror
    • Suspense
    • Lack of knowledge
  • Attention to medicine bottle
    • Highlighting, he didn’t take his medicine
  • Guy on coach, guy standing is behind him
    • Foreground stronger than background
  • Guy on coach back to audience
    • Lack of knowledge


Analyze the audio track. Now turn the volume up, but play it without looking at the screen (or turn off the screen); just listen to the audio. Take notes on the pacing of the dialogue, the spaces in the audio, the use of music or sound effects (think back to our work earlier on listening to audio).

  • Creepy door
  • The characters voices aren’t what I expected
  • Footstepts
  • Water
  • Movement
  • Joking
  • Music- happy, upbeat, loud
    • Hip to be square
  • Screaming
  • Struggling
  • killing noises


Put it all together. Finally, watch the scene as normal. Pay attention to something you may have missed the first time or how the elements you saw in the first two steps work together.

  • The conversation makes more sense with the images and knowing he’s going to kill him
  • Now that I know the end result the mirror makes sense
  • Newspaper on the floor makes sense with him asking about the dog and the end murder
  • The music playing because he wants to cover up screams

I truly want expecting the murder when I first watched it, I guess because of the lack of sound. I did wonder why the one guy had an ax though. The conversation seems really weird with a lack of images as well.


Video Assignments

I started my first video assignment by going to MP3 converter and converting YouTube videos to sound files and dragging them to Audacity. Then I realized this isn’t how you work with video, so I then googled video editing tools and downloaded Movavi.

The first video assignment I did this week was to make a compilation video. It was worth 3.5 stars. The assignment was to pick a theme, download multiple videos from YouTube that fit that theme, clip the videos, put them together, and ass music. My first thought was a video of great volleyball plays, but when I googled this it just came up with a bunch of compilation videos. So I decided to go a different route. My two ideas were Disney kisses or most important moments or the most tragic movie deaths. Well I decided to do a compilation video of most memorable movie deaths and I figured the best starting place would be a Buzzfeed article of movie deaths. However, Buzzfeed really let me down.


So I went to my second option Twitter with use to have a hashtag #fictionaldeathsIwillnevergetover. So I got some inspiration from that:

  • I am Legend- dog
  • Marley and Me- Marley
  • Bridge to Terabithia- girl
  • Harry Potter- Dobby, Dumbledore
  • Hunger Games- Rue
  • Titanic- Jack
  • Remember Me
  • Fault in our stars- Augustus Waters
  • The Boy in the striped PJs
  • The notebook
  • A walk to remember

I then looked up google videos of these death scenes. Which was actually kinda hard to find. For the ones I found I converted them so I could download them from YouTube, then I dropped it into Movavi Video Editor, and cropped the scenes. I was so use to working with Audacity that I kept trying to do things the way I could with that program. Once I had all the videos cropped I muted the videos and added a sad song.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gV3g9LCvPc&w=420&h=315]

I then exported and uploaded it to Vimeo- again I wanted to use audio technology and went to SoundCloud first. Vimeo took ages to upload and process the video, it was only 3 and a half minutes long. However, I then found out that it was uploading a 15 minute file. So it was uploading the part i posted plus 11 and a half more minutes of nothing. I tried to fix it using various tools and How To pages, however none of them worked. So now I have to figure out how to change this.


So I’m going to try another program called Filmora.


Which gave me more problems. And now I’m starting to stress how I’m going to finish my work with no program and I’m wishing I had a Mac where it just came with bomb video editing tools, although personally I don’t like Macs and I love my computer.


I tried retrying multiple times, I tried ignoring, and then finally I aborted and downloaded it again and WAHLAHH it worked!


So I finally got it to work and brought the video I made in the other program to this new program in hopes of saving it as a 3 minute video instead of longer. I then exported it, uploaded to Vimeo, and crossed my fingers. It ended up being the right length. The problem though was that I now had water marks for two different programs and the watermark for the second program was huge and right across the whole screen, where the other one just pops up momentarily a couple times. So I’m posting both videos just with the first one it says it’s 15 minutes but its not.

[vimeo 144213282 w=500 h=281] <p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/144213282″>Compilation of movie deaths</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user43207446″>Kelsey Stanbro</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

And here’s the one that is the right time, but has a HUGE watermark.

[vimeo 144282082 w=500 h=281] <p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/144282082″>Compilation of movie deaths</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user43207446″>Kelsey Stanbro</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

The second assignment I did was worth 5 stars called Highlight Reels. And at this point I am very frustrated with video. I like the topics and all I just can’t find a good editing tool, my computer keeps freezing, and anything that can go wrong is. However I am being very careful about saving my work every now and then to prevent loosing it. *saves draft* I began by finding several videos and using a converter to download them. Most of the videos were unable to download, my best assumption is because hey were protected. SO I had very limited choices in videos. I then edited them and cropped and rearranged. I decided to add a title and that’s when things went wrong.

I had all of my clips picked out and I was adding a title to it.
And then this happened..
Luckily after shutting down the program it saved on it’s own.
And so the first thing I did was officially save my work.
And then it happened again!!!

Luckily again it auto saved, but it was still very very annoying. I wanted to put a background song in but in order to edited it I had to use Audacity. Yay! I really have missed Audacity.


I cropped the song and then made it fade out. Then I exported it and put it into the video editing app. I then had to change the length in Audacity again cause it was too long and repeat the process. And then Movavi stopped working once again and once again I had to close the program and then restore my work. I added a finishing title, which is done through the program and then I export my video and this time it’s the correct length so yay! Now I’m thinking about going back and trying to figure out the difference between the two projects and why the first video assignment I did was so long.

The editing software has a lot of cool features including different fades, titles, and effects. However, you cant edit sound in it which is a huge downfall. Although I liked the software I do not think this is the best one out there to use.

I think the choice of music was awesome! It lined up perfectly with the intro and the first hit of the video and it correlated with the video really really well without much tweaking.

[vimeo 144290761 w=500 h=375] <p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/144290761″>Misty May Treanor Highlight Reel</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user43207446″>Kelsey Stanbro</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Daily Creates

TDC 1387

Today’s daily create was to create a wanted sign. I started brainstorming ideas and then asked my roommate and her boyfriend for ideas that were cute. After thinking of some pretty awful ideas. I thought of doing a missing boyfriend. I googles boyfriend and got images of a band called boyfriend. My roommate and her boyfriend started laughing and wouldn’t tell me why. I kept asking them and then finally my roommate said that Justin said I should do my relationship. So we settles on a funny wanted poster and I went to work in Word.

TDC 1388

Today’s daily create was to show ‘where you get your groove back’, basically a happy place. I chose the volleyball court and tweeted a picture of me playing volleyball.

TDC 1389


Today’s daily create was to make a game on a post-it note size paper. I did the old fashion Cracker Barrel peg games, but on a sheet of paper. I then tried to play it and it gets kinda tricky, so probably not the best game to play on a sheet of paper. If you would like to play the game the real way because you have never had an authentic American family meal at Cracker Barrel here’s a link so that you can fix yourself some mash potatoes, chicken and dumplings, and biscuits and pretend like your getting the full Cracker Barrel experience.


TDC 1390

Today’s daily create was to create Halloween origami. I created a spider web! It’s basically like a snowflake except I call it a spider web. It was actually a bigger challenge then I thought to make, so props to people who do oragami!

x Kelsey

Week 9 summary

Week 9 is stories in/of the web. I have no idea what this means which basically means I will be putting a lot of work in this week and Googling many things.

This is what I thought at the beginning of the week, however I didn’t really have to look anything up. I also thought this week was a lot lighter on course work which made me happy because it was Homecoming weekend and all.

Evaluating Radio Shows

I decided the best way for me to critique the show would be to take notes as I listen to it and then to go back and reflect on the show with the questions provided. I listened to Wacky History. I think the name is very clever for the topic of the show.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/229151436″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

Thoughts during the show

  • Catchy intro music
  • Wedding rings and something? Hard to understand the intro
  • Voices change abruptly in volume
  • First part:
    • Dentures… interesting topic choice
    • Easy to understand, good background music
    • Editing isn’t smooth in some parts
    • Light humor- I liked that
  • Good transition and questions
  • I like the talking back and forth
  • George Washington part
    • Very entertaining voice
    • Likes this part
  • Next part:
    • Bland voice
    • Background music VERY soft- hard to hear
  • More questions and banter- like this
  • The guy has a great voice- very good for his parts
  • First Commercial is REALLY great
  • Wacky history part
    • Good music
    • Very interesting
    • Commercial??
  • History of wedding rings
    • Seem unsure of what you are saying in the beginning
    • Interesting information
    • Good voices (changes tone/pitch in voice)
  • Jewelry/wedding facts
    • Multiple choice question- kinda cool
    • Like the ticking noises
  • Fly commercial
    • good
  • Bumper
    • liked it
    • seat belt-car sound
  • Where to put the ring
      • sounded too far away from the mic sometimes
  • Quality of audio sound -e.g. is the volume appropriate? are the levels even? Is the sound clear, and free of noises not needed (e.g. mouse clicks, background noise)?

No noticeable background noise. The background music didn’t cancel out the talking. Levels somewhat uneven when switching from person to person.

  • Quality of audio editing – use of effects, transitions, are the edits clean?

Only noticed effects in the bumper. Background music is good. Transitions clean. I liked the questions in between the different topics.

  • Use of sound effects- how are they used? Is it effective?

Not much use of sound effects. When used good and effective.

  • Use of music- how is it used? Is it effective or distracting?

Music is very effective. It is at a good volume, so that it is noticeable, yet doesn’t wash out the speaker. Used throughout the whole podcast. Also used to signify changes in topics.

  • Does the show have a structure? Is it cohesive or does it feel stitched together?

Somewhat. I don’t think it’s bad or anything, I just think it could be better. I would have liked an emphasis on the connection of dentures and wedding rings. Good transitions make it cohesive.

  • Does it tell a story effectively? Is there a sense of drama, unknown? Does it draw you in to listen?

Tells little stories. Not really a sense of drama. The guys voice is very entertaining and draws you in. One of the girls used her voice very well when telling stories.

  • If you would rate this radio show, how many stars out of five would you give to the show

I would probably give the show 3.75 stars out of 5.

I decided to do the same thing I did when evaluating Wacky History‘s radio show. This is our radio show and it is called 9 Lives and is put on by the Grumpy Desperadoes.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/229151428″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

Thoughts during the show

  • Intro
    • Background sound effects good
    • A little too loud
    • transition was not clear- needed to be faded in and out
  • Miles- History
    • Not sure if sound was Miles moving or sound effect..
    • Bland voice
    • background music good volume
      • Possibly a little distracting
      • Good choice of music
    • Long pauses in between talking about different things
    • A lot of just talking- I’m kinda bored
  • Bumper
    • good sound effects
  • Kelsey and Sean-Stories
    • Good volume
    • Like the sound effects
      • War sounds
      • Door opening
      • Creepy music
      • Church music
      • Choir music
      • Pouring drink
      • Clinking
      • Dog
      • Etc.
    • Two people talking back and forth make in more interesting
    • Sean- “large red marks” like the low volume
    • Kelsey- “Wow that really” is really low (faded out at the wrong time)
    • Music in between stories good
    • After the moon arising- choppy editing
    • Hank song, London Bridge good fading
    • Sean talking about the 2 boys in the room lower compare to other music
    • Monster story- good tones and voices
    • Sean stumbling/rushing in monster story
    • Cat 9 lives- clever song
  • Bumper
    • Really like the bumper
    • Good music
  • Commercial
    • Good spooky music
    • Happy halloween song
    • Creepy music
  • Andrew- Costumes
    • I like the beginning sounds
    • Hard to hear him
    • I like the countdown- smart idea
    • Like how he commented on the costumes- gave opinions
    • REALLY hard to hear!!
    • Music is distracting
    • So hard to hear
    • Good transition to Adam
  • Adam-Events
    • Like beginning sounds
    • Good description
    • Background music good
      • Somewhat distracting
      • A little too loud
      • drowns out speaker
  • Not really an ending..
  • Quality of audio sound -e.g. is the volume appropriate? are the levels even? Is the sound clear, and free of noises not needed (e.g. mouse clicks, background noise)?

Adam and Andrew’s sections were hard to hear. Adam’s was only hard to hear at parts, but Andrew’s was almost impossible to hear.

  • Quality of audio editing – use of effects, transitions, are the edits clean?

Lots of effects- enhanced the enjoy-ability of the show- made it more interesting. Some transitions weren’t clean- more towards the beginning.

Use of sound effects- how are they used? Is it effective?

Sound effects were used very well, probably one of the bests parts of the show.  Sounds were used to enhance stories.

  • Use of music- how is it used? Is it effective or distracting?

Just hard to hear Adam and Andrews. Miles was somewhat distracting. Kelsey and Sean had some that wasn’t edited as well as it could have been. Overall the music was effective. It was used for transitions and background noise.

  • Does the show have a structure? Is it cohesive or does it feel stitched together?

The show has a very good structure, with good transitions. People don’t just start talking, they’re introduced.

  • Does it tell a story effectively? Is there a sense of drama, unknown? Does it draw you in to listen?

Tells a good story. Creative and interesting topic. The only segment that got a little boring was history, it could have used some sound effects in the background. Drawn in to listen.

  • If you would rate this radio show, how many stars out of five would you give to the show

This radio show could have been a 4.5 star however, because of the volume at some points I’d have to give it 4 stars.

I really didn’t think our show was very good so I figured it would be easy to critique it honestly and fairly. I figured I would rank it probably a 3.5 out of 5 stars. However, I found our show more entertaining than the other show I listened to. I’m unsure if it was because of the topic or what, but since I listened to the other one before listening to and critiquing ours I think that raised my thoughts on our show. I was surprised at how hard it was to understand most of the people in the radio shows. I would have thought that would be a simple factor that should be accounted for when making the radio show because people have to be able to hear you so I was surprised at how often I couldn’t hear people.

Storytelling within the web

I was really unsure of what this meant when I first read the assignment at the beginning of the week. However after reading The Mountain Three Wolf Short Sleeve Shirt example I decided to do my post on Amazon as well for a One Direction cut out. One of my roommates is a huge One Direction fan so we had just watched the movie which must be why I thought of this idea. I also thought this would be a good way to tell a story by having him come alive. It’s not as funny as the shirt idea, but that one would be pretty hard to top. I’m also a little worried that some little kid is going to read that and think it actually happens and then be really disappointed when the order comes in.IMG_7027

In order to leave a review I had to create an account. However, after creating the account I got the above message that states one must have purchased something on their account to leave a review. So I used my friends account information to leave the message. You don’t have to had bought that specific product, but you do need to have bought something from Amazon.IMG_7031

In order to write the review I looked up facts on Harry Styles so that I could make it seem more realistic.IMG_7033Here is the review I left on Amazon:

He was alive!

I ordered Harry and he came in the mail so fast. I was a little worried that they just sent him in a box. I was hoping he was able to breathe in there and wasn’t too squished but he looked good when I took him out. He was a lot skinnier than he seems on stage. He immediately started singing “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder without even saying hello. This was what song he sang when he auditioned on X Factor. He then introduced himself and asked what I would like to do today. I didn’t want to sould like a typical girl who just say oh whatever. And since I know everything about One Direction I suggested we go to the Manchester United game. I knew he was a huge fan of the team so I figured he would enjoy it and I would enjoy anything with him. We sat with Ed Sheeran and David Hasselhoff and enjoyed an amazing game versus Middlesbrough. After the game we walked around Old Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. We strolled the streets and talked about our lives. We soon arrived back at my house where he said that someone else had ordered him and that he now had to leave. I didn’t know that I didn’t get to keep him, but I enjoyed our day together and will cherish it forever. I would definitely buy this again and now he’s on sale.

This assignment was no where near as hard as I thought it would be and it was actually really fun. I would like to see if anyone did the more advanced options and look into how they did and what they did just to be able to learn more.

Web Assignments

The assignment  worth 3.5 stars was to create a Pinterest board of your dream trip. I have always wanted to visit/live in Australia. So I made my Pinterest board about a trip around Australia. I figured I would probably travel around Australia when I live there for after grad (in an ideal world), so that would eliminate the main cost of getting over there and back, as well as vaccination needed. So I focused more on where I want to go and what I want to do. I also already had a Pinterest so all I had to do was create a board which I titled: DS106 Dream VayKay. This is what my board looks like:


Some of my pins were:

Top 25 things to do in Australia and New ZealandP1

From this post I really liked the Blue Mountains, the Great Ocean Road, the Sydney Opera House, dive the Great Barrier Reef, get up close and personal with animals, and cave of wonders. Most of the items on this list were also pinned on my board individually. Such as:

A giant granite flared slope. Wave Rock (Rock Ola), Western Australia. One of the oldest rocks on Earth. Its distinctive shape is caused by erosion of 60 million years. Photo: Getty Images

When I clicked on this picture I was directed to a website about the Wave Rock Festival held at this venue. The people who put on the Wave Rock Festival gave out personal and portable ashtrays in order to stop people from littering cigarette butts.

Natural Arch Waterfall from beneath, Numinbah Valley QLD
Lake Hillier, pink colored lake located on Middle Island, one of the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia.

On top of all the cool places I found I also found a lot of fact sheets and travel tips. There were also tons of lists of where you should visit, what is only in Australia, etc.



How to save money on a trip to Australia.


Pinterest is a great source for cute ideas involving travel, fashion, cooking, basically anything and everything. However sometimes information gets misconstrued and you end up thinking an image is something when it’s just been falsely captioned so you have to check the webpage that is linked with the picture. With my Pinterest board I have my plans in tack for where I want to go, how I’m going to get there, and how to save money doing it. Here I come Australia… after I finish school and stuff.

My other web assignment, Character Resume, was worth 3.5 stars. The assignment was to create a character resume. I originally wanted to do Micheal Scofield from Prison Break because he would have an interesting resume and I figured that it would be origins. However I found that it was really hard to recall specifics and online didn’t have much. So I took the easy road and did Spongebob. I asked friends to help me think of ideas and then used my resume in Microsoft as the template and then changed some parts of it to better fit the criteria Spongebob fits.

Spongebob Squarepants

58 Pineapple Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean



  • Puff’s Boating School
  • Tentacles’ School of Art for a day


  • Krusty Krab fry cook
    • Over 14 years
    • Prepare specialty food such as Krabby Patties
    • Keeps the integrity of the restaurant against pickle stealers
  • Sang for the band at the Bubble Bowl
  • Sold chocolate with Patrick
  • Hall monitor for a day


  • The most gold stars for being a good noodle
  • Almost won a snail race
  • Saved Bikini Bottom
  • Convinced Squidward to try Krabby Patties


  • Good at karate
  • Volunteer Litter Patrol for Bikini Bottom Police Department
  • Jelly fishing and harvesting jelly for use in exotic cuisines
  • Competes in Krabby Patty flipping contests
  • Bubble blowing extraordinaire
  • Good at keeping and protecting secrets
  • Life guard for a day
  • Always ready!


  • Patrick Star
  • Eugene Krabs
  • Sandy Cheeks

Daily Creates

I really wanted to do Tuesday’s daily create. Which was to make a new dance move and record yourself doing it. I was at work when I read the assignment and was there until close at 9:30. When I got home my roommates were watching How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days so needless to say I didn’t get to do this assignment. I also really wanted to do Saturday’d Drake daily create but I was on my way to Hamden Sydney for their homecoming and you had to draw the lyrics so I was unable to do that one.

TDC 1382

The first daily create I did was Make Nature Stick People

I named my plant person Ollie. The plant itself we call Ollie, because it was given to us by my dad’s best friend when he passed away. We’ve had the plant since 1996, but obviously it has been around before that. So it’s over 20 years old. When I saw this assignment and knew I was going home I knew Ollie would be the perfect subject. I should have put him on our hardwood floor instead of the rug with all of the patterns so that he stood out more. I was kinda worried to move him a lot though because he’s old and fragile.

TDC 1383

Today’s daily create was to make a post about a place with

‘an evil twin or a twisted pair, happy places can have an ugly underside’. Is your happy place always happy? What is its underside.

My happy place is the beach or the ocean however this has many downsides.

tdc 1

The view and beauty of the beach is definitely not a downside. However the wind tends to mess up your hair. When you see models posing on the beach the only thing I can think is that there’s probably 8 people out their holding blockades to block the wind and then another with a fan to make sure it looks realistic and all. However, when us normal people step out onto the beach we end up looking like Donald Trump.

tdc 2

There’s also the sharks that have magically appeared in the ocean over the past couple years. And now THEY’RE INVADING. I don’t know who they thing they are coming into our ocean and biting us while were trying to enjoy our vacation. I mean what do we look like food?? So basically they’re ruining my happy place by making me fear for my life when entering the ocean, you can’t be happy when you’re fearing your life.tdc 3tdc 5tdc 4tdc 6

And then there’s the pollution and trash that covers many beaches. Not only does this ruin my happy place but it hurts the animals in this ecosystem.tdc 7

And then when you sit back and think about the downsides of my happy place you realize that if humans weren’t here it would be a perfect place.

tdc 8

TDC 1384

Today’s daily create was to take a picture of people on their phones. I think this is a huge problem of our century. And I’m 100% guilty. We are so disconnected to everything around us. While having friends over to watch a movie they were both on their phones and I thought hmm this would be a good picture for my project. I made the one girl move but other than that this wasn’t really set up. I think this assignment has a lot of social implications.

TDC 1386

Today’s daily create was so tweet a tounge twister about DS106. I decided to use digital design because it was already alliteration. I also did not like this week so it worked out.

Connecting your daily creates

I was very confused about if I did this assignment right. I think we were only suppose to use the 4 daily creates we did this week, but I was worried that maybe we were suppose to use more. I was also unsure about linking them because with the new daily create we just tweet the pictures. So hopefully I did this right, because I like my story.

Ollie woke up and was trying to think of something to do today.

After Ollie’s friend made him try this tongue twister he thought of the one that goes “Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore” and decided to go down to the beach for the day.

However, when he got there the beach was covered with trash, so he couldn’t photosynthesize.
He went to his friends house and they watched a movie, but everyone was just on their phones the whole time which made him upset because he wanted to hang out. He decided to call it a night and go back to his pot.

I thought this story worked really well and I thought it was very convenient that I had to make a plant person, that made it very easy to come up with a story.

Other than the Storytelling within the Web assignment I don’t think I learned a lot of new things this week. However the storytelling within the web assignment and the different links included within the assignment were very interesting and taught me a lot. I enjoyed reading some of the stories within different web sites. My work this week had a good about of environmental ties to it especially the daily create with the polluted beach. I enjoyed listening to other people’s radio shows and I show they enjoyed ours. I also thought this weeks daily creates were probably one of my favorite week of creates. I thought the one with the disconnect theme was so relevant to our century and the way we are growing up and I think that’s a HUGE problem we have.

x Kelsey





Week 7 & 8 Summary

These weeks brought less stress and more confidence. I really was getting the hang of working with audio, which in week 6 I called me least favored week so far and I was ending up enjoying the week. I was a little nervous about working with our group and how that was going to turn out though. I enjoyed having so much time to get everything done. I stayed on top of my work and finished most assignments before week 8.

Audio assignments

Doing another audio week allowed me to do an assignment I had wanted to do in the previous week, but couldn’t think of a good song choice. The assignment was 2.5 stars entitled Kiss the Guy. The assignment was to sing a song with the words as you thought they were. When I first saw this assignment during the first audio week I couldn’t think of anything and then this time I had recently seen Brad Paisley in concert and during this song I thought “Man! I could have used this song for that one assignment.” And now I get a chance, since completely this I realized I sing a lot of words wrong and have so many different ideas.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E8FGdIl7HM&w=560&h=315]

Every weekend has a weekend? Well I guess it does Brad.. No the actual lyrics are every week has a weekend. I thought Brad Paisley’s Crushin’ It said “Every weekend’s a weekend” It wasn’t until I was telling a friend how this line doesn’t make sense that I was told it’s “Every week has a weekend.” Glad I got that figured out before I saw him live.

In preparation for this assignment I reviewed a previous assignment called Confusion in Monkees in which the author thought the line was “and then I saw her face, now I’m going to leave her” instead of “and then I saw her face, now I’m a believer.” This was actually hilarious and I laughed out loud. While looking at this assignment I saw that the author of this blog only posted a little under 30 second of himself singing which made me feel more confident about this assignment.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/227056906″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

In order to do the assignment I looked up a karaoke version of the song and played it off of my phone while I sang the lyrics and recorded it in Audacity. Since completely this assignment I have learned how to convert a YouTube video to an MP3 file so that I can use it in Audacity. 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxYqHyuXu9E&w=420&h=315]

After having completed the audio week this assignment was a lot simpler and faster. I knew that I couldn’t record while  playing the music off of my computer so I played it off of my phone and then when putting my assignment into Sound Cloud I knew that I had to export the Sound Cloud file so that I could upload it and then embed it into my blog post. This is what my recording looked like it Audacity. I also learned after doing this assignment that I can record multiple sounds and didn’t need to play the music off my phone and sing. 

crushin it screen shot

Looking back on this assignment I can tell how much I leaned just in these two weeks just by completing assignments and playing around with Audacity and different tools.

For my second audio assignment I decided to do a 4 star assignment entitled Line Remix. The assignment was to

Take a famous line from a movie and remix it. to create an entirely new story from just this one line. Get creative, but make sure to have a good balance between what you add and keep to make sure that the line is still regonizable, but tells the story completly differently.

I started by downloading a YouTube video of The Notebook Kissing Scene. I thought it would be funny to take the scene where Noah tells Ally he wrote her and change it into more of a stalkerish feel, than a romantic one.

notebook 1

I then converted the YouTube video to an MP3 using a YouTube converter. This will allow me to better manipulate the different sound in the video. This is also how you get a video from YouTube to Audacity. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for so long and then my roommate said why don’t you just use a converter. I have used this converter before while putting songs on my iPod so I knew this would be easy to use.

NB 2

I then uploaded the mp3 to Audacity. When you download the MP3 file from the converter you can just drag the file straight to Audacity and drop it.

NB 3

In order to remove the background noise (rain and music) I used Noise Reduction. That left me with a very quiet audio as you can see in the wave lengths below.

NB 4

Then I used the Amplify tool to make the audio louder. You can only amplify it so loud. For example below the OK button is faded and you can’t click it because the amplification is too high.

NB 5

After amplifying the wavelengths were a lot bigger as you can see below.

NB 6

I then cut the empty spaces out so there wasn’t long dramatic breaks. I feel like long dramatic breaks work better for the romantic feel where when your scared it’s shorter sentences and shorter breaks in between. Below you can see the difference in the length compared to above. I did this by selecting a section and then pressing delete. You have to make sure that the file is stopped and not running in order to delete or do any effects to do any alterations to the file.

NB 7

I wanted Noah to sound scarier and Allie to sound more shocked so I changed the speed, pitch, and tempo.

NB 8NB 9NB 10

I also played around with Equalization tool. This allowed me to change different points within a selected amount of the audio clip and change the dB and a certain Hz. This tool was very helpful in changing the way the sentences were said.

NB 11

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/228115264″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&sho w_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

I decided to check out some of the blogs while doing this assignment and found that most people just rearranged the words and made different sentences using some of the same words. They then recorded themselves saying the rearranged words. This seemed easier than what I was doing of trying to change the tone of their voices. I looked at a Mean Girls, Princess Diaries, and She’s the Man one and they all did this. There rearrangements were very funny!

If I did the assignment like they did above I would have kept the same line:

Young Noah: I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you everyday for a year.
Young Allie: You wrote me?
Young Noah: Yes… it wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/228106201″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

And then I would have remixed the line to:

Young Noah: I watched you 365 times. I watched you everyday for a year.

Young Allie : You watched me?

Young Noah: Yes… it wasn’t over, it still isn’t over.

During this assignment I learned about taking YouTube videos and converting them to MP3 files in order to use the file in Audacity. This was a very simple solution to my problem that I had already used previously, however I had never thought of using it for that reason.

I thought my explanation and screen shots for this assignment were very good, thought out, and walked the reader through the process so I decided to use this as one of my tutorials.

Radio Show Bumper

This assignment was to create a bumper for your radio show. I had no idea what a bumper is so Professor Polack’s description helped a lot.

…it should be within the theme/style of your show, and include the name of the show and a ds106 radio station announcement, like “You’re listening to the Doggie Doo Show on ds106 radio, where it’s always a romp in the park”. A bumper is merely a reminder to the audience what they are listening to.

I decided to start by Googling a song called 9 lives and I found a very funny one, which I then used as background music for my bumper.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNLM6X31eaE&w=560&h=315]

I used the MP3 converter and downloaded the MP3.


Then being stupid I though the bumper couldn’t be longer than 10 seconds so I cropped the song and used only the parts I wanted and combined them to make a cool shortened version on the song that works for our show.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/228145065″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

I then recorded myself with Audacity saying ” You’re listening to 9 lives put on by the Grumpy Desperadoes, bringing you a spooktacular Halloween special, stay tuned.” I recorded myself on the same Audacity tab that already had the song downloaded to it. This is when I learned that you can not only record in Audacity after you have already placed files in Audacity, but you can start the sound files at any point by clicking the time and then uploading or dropping the file in.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/228144009″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

I then added a cat growling (meowing?) when I say spooktacular. I got the cat meowing from freesound.org.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/228143723″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

I wish I had realized it was a minimum or 10 seconds not a max 10 seconds, but in the end I was happy with what I had for my bumper and had learned a lot of new audio tools and techniques.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/228144032″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

bumper screenshot

Radio Show Commercial

This assignment was to create a commercial to keep your audience listening to the show so I figured it meant something about the show. So I talked about the last two topics of our show, to advertise what was to come in the radio show.

I first recorded myself, then added an organ/spooky sound, then screaming when I talk about Sean and I’s section- which is scary stories, then I added the Happy Halloween section to the end, and then finally a creepy laugh. The only editing I did other than cropping was to negatively amplify the organ lower so it wasn’t as loud. I got the organ/ spooky sound and screaming from freesound.org and I got the Happy Halloween section and the creepy laugh from YouTube and then I used the MP3 convertor to covert it so I could drag it to Audacity.

The more audio assignments I do the easier they become. This one was a piece of cake. I used what I previously learned including; that I can click on a certain time and then paste a certain sound at that spot, I can record in Audacity while other files are there, and the how to convert a YouTube video to an MP3 file in order to import it to Audacity.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/228152812″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

Here are the screen shots of the audio editor. As you can see this is a much more complex audio recording. I now have to scroll down in order to see all of the files. There are also recordings starting during other ones and overlapping some. I feel like these screen shots show how far I’ve come since ever the audio assignment I did at the beginning of this week.

commercial 1commercial 2commercial 3

Daily Creates

TDC 1366

Today’s daily create was to create a pareidolia. A pareidolia is a picture that looks like something but is actually something else. At first I thought to use the vase that looks like two people’s faces. I had to do an art project on that picture in middle school, but then I decided to look up some examples of pareidoloia. I absolutely love this picture at first glance it appears to be someones eye, but then you begin to wonder about the bubbles and that’s when it clicks that it’s a sink not an eye. The main component of the picture is the sink drain and that is why one doesn’t notice the bubbles first glance. The drain dominates the photo and gives the appeal that it is an eye rather than a drain.

TDC 1368

Today’s daily create was to complete a short story adding on to:

tdc story

I decided to write about Titanic because that was the only story I can think of with a necklace and I wanted to relate it to a known story.

TDC 1369

Today’s daily create was to tweet a picture of what you will miss most about summer. I made a collage of four different pictures and then added summer themed stickers to it. I used a picture I took at sunset while at a beach house, a concert photo, a photo while hiking, and a picture while paddle boarding. These are the main things I’m going to miss about summer. I decided that instead of doing a classic collage I would spice it up by adding a background of flowers and stickers. I made this using an app called PicCollage.

TDC 1370

Today’s daily create was to look for cool designs. I decided to search them online because I’m not out and decided this was a creative design with a powerful message. I knew I wanted to do an environmental message because I think most of the advertisements with environmental messages are very powerful and I thought this was a good way to spread the idea. I found the ad on a website that had a bunch of other environmental ads on it.

TDC 1373

Today’s daily create was to create a drawing of your mood. I decided to use Paint and do an abstract “painting” of how I’m feeling. I’m in a very fall mood and it’s fall break, however, I’m very sick and a little overwhelmed as I look at all the homework I have to complete before Wednesday! So I used mostly fall color and just painted how I felt on to the computed screen.

TDC 1374

Today’s daily create was to write a poem using a word from a poem. I used the word forest from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem entitled Evangeline: A Tale Of Acadile. I used this poem to talk about deforestation and anthropological causes.

Reflection on radio show

I was very worried when we first started the radio show. My group wasn’t responding to questions and I’m a very punctual and on top of things person, so I began to freight. After we figured out that emailing was the best mode of communication things got better. We figured out a group name and decided to use 9 Lives as the name of our show. We decided to meet in the ITCC to discuss our topic/theme and what everyone would do. I reserved us a room and all but one of us met. We discussed who would do what and decided that we would do a Halloween themed radio show. I asked everyone what they wanted to do. Since I posed the question I waited till everyone said what they wanted to do and I took the last task which was the story section. Sean wasn’t at the meeting because of sports so he was also assigned the story section. I thought this worked out well though because Sean and I live next to each other and knew each other before this course. We’ve also have worked together before so I knew it would be a pretty good combination, I also knew we would get very distracted. I don’t think the story section is out of my comfort per say. I don’t think any of the section are out of my comfort zone. I do believe the story had more aspects to it that made it a challenge. However, I really looked forward to this section because of the challenge and the different layers it provided I took notes during the meeting and emailed everyone what we talked about.

Intro- Adam
History- Miles
Story- Sean and Kelsey
Costumes- Andrew
Events- Adam
Andrew put together in that order (?)
Have your commercial and bumper uploaded by Wednesday so we can choose which ones we like.

I suggested that everyone have there bumper and commercial in by a certain time. That way we wouldn’t be waiting on someone before we could decide what bumpers and commercials we wanted for our show. We decided to have them in by  the Wednesday. Everyone turned them in on or before Wednesday and we started choosing a bumper and commercial. However most of the bumpers and commercials were WAY too long. I pointed this out and people said they would fix it but I’m not sure if that happened. So that took out a bunch of the options for commercials and bumpers. We never really completely chose a commercial. That was one of the hard parts of working with an online group. Decisions never got fully made. People said their thoughts, but in stone decisions were never made.

While working on our part Sean and I both learned a lot. I was really glad that we got this part and that we worked together. It allowed me to learn new skills and tools from Sean. Areas where I excelled he was weak and areas that he excelled in I was weak at it was actually a really good combination. This part took a lot more work than I thought it would. After we finally stopped laughing at each other and finished recording we went back and added music and sound effects and I was really happy with the overall product. I think this section added a lot of challenged and taught a lot. Sean showed me a bunch with having multiple sections and I showed him a lot of Audacity editing tools, because he doesn’t like working with Audacity.

I had asked the group if we wanted to  have our section in by a certain time and everyone said no. I thought this wasn’t a good idea because what if someone doesn’t do something or get the section in in enough time for Andrew to piece it together. It worried me putting my faith in everyone else’s work because with this you can’t fix something if someone messes up. Eventually Andrew asked for everyone’s things to be turned in Saturday or Sunday morning. Sean and I finished our part Thursday and turned it in Friday. I was very happy with our part. Overall I don’t think the radio show is great. I think that it’;s hard to hear people. I learned a lot on this project and I think it really expanded my knowledge and view of audio and of group projects.

<iframe width=”100%” height=”450″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/229001437&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=false&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;visual=true”></iframe>

Audio <3

Week 6- I was talking to my roommate, a digital communication major, and told her how audio was my least favorite week so far. And how I just wasn’t a fan.

Week 7- AUDIO?! AGAIN! UGH! I wasn’t a huge fan of audio, the capitalization was probably a little dramatic I didn’t hate it, it just posed a lot more work, I had to do the work where others weren’t, and I had to research how to do things a lot.

As the week went on I liked audio I don’t know if the assignments I did were easier or if I just got better. Obviously I got better but I felt like during the audio week the assignments were tougher. I think that week was also a lot of work (like a heavy load) and so it was more stressful which contributed to my feelings towards audio.

Week 8- Design is my least favorite week. I have grown a like and appreciation for audio. I have broadened my horizons and learned a lot over the course of the two weeks. I have learned so many new tools and ways to do things that have made audio more fun and easier to do. I appreciate the podcast we listened to a lot more and have an appreciation for the effects they add in.

x Kelsey

Week 6 summary

Week 6 was all about design. I learned a lot about the aspects of design through the assignments we completed this week.

Reflection on Vignelli

Our first assignment was to reflect on Vignelli. While reading Vignelli I thoroughly enjoy the quote he uses in the second paragraph of his book which states

Creativity needs the support of knowledge in order to perform

I think this is a great quote for this course. Although most of the students enrolled are either creative or have some interest in the topics, doing the different assignments with no knowledge of how to do it will not help us learn and create great pieces of arts. For example when we did the photography week- although we are all capable of taking a good photograph with the knowledge of how to take good photographs, we are more susceptible to taking better pictures.

The three main aspects of design in Vignelli’s opinion are semantic, syntactic, and pragmatic. semantics is the meaning behind the design. Syntactics includes the overall structure, the grid, the typefaces, the text and headlines, the illustrations, etc. Pragmatics is the idea of a simple design that needs minimal explanation. On top of these aspects when creating designs you need discipline, appropriateness. Discipline is a set of self imposed rules or parameters that we consider while creating works of design art. Appropriateness alludes to what is specific or works for a particular problem. Ambiguity is the idea of a design having more than one meaning and being interpreted in different ways.

I think his booklet had a lot of meaningful and useful information. However, I also thought that sometimes he seemed to not clearly define certain words and concepts but talk more abut what they do and the affects they have on the audience. I learned a lot from this article, but as someone who knows very little about the topic I personally could have used a more concrete definition of the concepts to better grasp the ideas.

Complete a designblitz

Our second assignment was to create a designblitz. Which was like the photoblitz we had last week but with different elements and no time limit. I found design elements in different rooms in Eagle- the apartment where I live. This activity like the previous one really allowed me to understand and better realize the thought that goes behind design elements and the different kinds of aspects in photographing and designing products.


I chose this photograph to represent unity. I think the chest has a very unified pattern on it and then the carpet does as well so it adds to the picture. The individual pattern would not look whole without the repetitive pattern. If just the circleish square shape was there it would look out of place.


This sign represents a message. It’s a play on words and has a witty message. It accurately states it’s message and uses an arrow to emphasize the message.


This photograph represents color. I originally took it thinking it shows texture and texture would probably be a good design element, but that wasn’t one so I decided to use it for color. I think this is a good example for color because even though it is all one color the different layered petals make the color stand out and gives it different shades. The color draws your attention to the petals and the different elements of them. The coral color on the brown background also works very well together.


I really wanted to use this photograph. I decided to use it for use of space. I think that there’s several examples of space including the empty and filled space, the fuzzy and focused leaves, and the color and plain space.


This photograph represents dominance. Although it also send a message I found it interesting how the Stand a little taller was so much bigger than the words at the bottom- which I had never read before.


This one represents rhythm. Not only are the lines repeating. But there is also a sort of wave element to it that really gives it a sense of movement. There are light and dark lines to allow for the alternating elements. I really like how up top the lines are really dark and predominate where towards the left corner its more white and fuzzy.

Daily Creates

TDC 1359- Combine your favorite logos

Today’s daily create was to combine two logos. I combined Coke-Cola and Nike. This combination showed the disastrous outcome of combining two logos that don’t go together. In order to make this I used Paint and combined the two logos and then cut out the red piece and paste them in the spot when the white from the Nike logo covered up the red line in the Coke-Cola logo. Then I colored in the rest.

TDC 1360 Draw something you bought today

I actually just realized you had to draw something you bought today for today’s daily create, but in that case I drew nothing because I bought nothing because I am a broke college student who is too busy to be buying things she can’t afford.

TDC 1361 Upside Down Day

Today’s daily create was to take a picture of something that would look cool upside down. I had a really hard time thinking of a subject to use for this assignment. And then I thought of those pranks where the water cups is upside down on a table. So I did that on our kitchen table and I put ice in it so the water was more dominant in the cup, then I placed a place-mat on the top of the cup so when I flipped the picture upside down it would be more complicated. This gave the picture more layers and made it more complicated when looking at it upside down.

TDC 1363 What can you see through the window?

Today’s daily create was to create what you see out your window. Since it’s raining and drowsy outside and there’s a hurricane on the way. I decided to exaggerate the amount of water we are getting. My suitemate has been freaking out about the hurricane coming, even though it’s probably going to miss us, and has stocked up on food, water, and supplies. So I decided to do the daily create based on what she sees out of our window even though it’s really only drizzling outside right now.

Design Assignments

We had to do 5 design assignments totaling 12 stars. We had one mandatory 3 star one titled The Assignment is Suspect. We had to create a bulletin board like they do in crime shows with a crime that we made up. As it said to in the instruction I used Microsoft word to create the project. I used a picture of a cork board from google and then created text boxes and overlapped the images. Then I used the shape tool to create the lines in between. I struggled to upload the image. I’ve been trying to group several shaped into one picture, but have not been able to. I’ve tried several different tutorials on how to do it, but have come up short every time. So instead I screen shot the word image and then crop it and save it as a picture in paint. However, when I upload that to WordPress the image is fuzzy. Hence, I made it part of the story that you must click the picture to read it to protect the integrity of the case. I tried to upload it to Flickr, but I can not figure out how to embed pictures. I get the link and then paste it in WordPress and it does not work. Other than those the actual assignment was fairly easy and fun to do. I decided to do chocolate milk because that was the first thing I could think of and then I chose the characters based on different kid shows. And then as I wrote the clues the idea of the rocket ship came up. I didn’t plan things out first I just let it happen.

The chocolate milk at New Kent Middle School has gone missing and it’s up to the falculty and staff at the school to solve the crime and collect the clues. The principal Mrs. Frizzel and the teacher who is in charge of overseeing the milk deliveries, Mr. Feeny, are the lead investigators on the case. They set up a bulletin board in the main office to organize their leads and clues. Throughout the day the bulletin board filled up until the case was finally closed.

what happened with times 1
To protect the integrity of the case you need to click on the picture, in order to read it.
21679339778_7c20c55f28_o (1)
To protect the integrity of the case you need to click on the picture, in order to read it.

The next one I did was 4 stars and titled Animated the DVD Menu. The assignment was to choose a key scene from a movie and make a GIF that would resemble the start menu on a DVD player. I choose the movie Time Lapse because I just watched it on Netflix and my roommate just finished it while I was doing my DS106 homework. This movie is actually the bomb. It reminds me of a movie you would see in a film festival, but it is suspenseful and you don’t see the ending coming- so if you have Netflix watch it and if you don’t find a friend with Netflix and watch it. I also decided to make a Tutorial for this assignment.


The Process

I made the GIF using this website. I really enjoy this website and making GIFs so I decided to make a tutorial to help anyone out who may be struggling with this assignment.

  1. Choose a video from YouTube that has the clip that you want to make the GIF with in it and copy the URL.1
  2. Go to https://imgflip.com/gifgenerator.
  3. Paste the URL into the box on the main screen and click enter.
  4. You will then be taken to this screen. You can now choose the scene you want by moving the green and red arrows. If you want to preview what you selected you can click the preview button. You can get more precise scenes by typing the seconds into the boxes below the sliding arrows.
  5. Now to add the title and different features that a movie screen would have you type into the text box. You can change the color of the words and he outline by clicking on the colored boxes next to the text box. In order to space the words out without paying for the advance program, I had to space in between words until I got the spacing that I wanted as you can see in the screenshot below. 4
  6. You then press GENERATE GIF and you will be given a link to a page with the GIF, the option to download the GIF (my suggestion), and different links to embed that GIF. I download it so that I can save my work in a file and upload the GIF to WordPress. 5

The third design assignment I did Cartoon You was also 4 stars. The assignment was to make yourself or someone you know into a cartoon character. I decided to cartoon my roommate because she’s gorgeous and I just finished a volleyball match and needed a shower.

  1. The first thing I did was look through different apps in the Apple Store for Cartoon Yourself apps.
  2. I downloaded a couple but I ended up liking one called Toon the bestIMG_5778
  3. Then I took a photograph of my roommate and edited it in the application
  4. The app allowed me to change the size of the lines and the colors

Below are my final project and several examples of different changes I made while editing the photograph:

This was my final project.
This one I also really like and it reminds me of a Van Gogh painting.


The forth assignment I did was 3 star entitled Children’s Book Cover. The assignment was to recreate a children’s book cover using shapes. The best way to do this from what I read in other blogs was to use Paint. Which was good news for me because that’s what I usually use for my assignments. I decided to recreate Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Suess. I started my making different colored circles with the shape tool.

I thought these circles were too big so I went back and made smaller ones. It wasn’t till just now that I realized that it was more of a cone.


I then filled in the circles with the paint can and made a person out of shapes at the top. I then cut and pasted the words onto the picture.

book cover

My roommate saw me working on this and said that it was really good, but personally I don’t think it was my best work and when I look at the cover, which I’m saving to the end to show, I don’t think I nailed the recreation, but I think given that we could only use shapes I think it’s pretty good.  I think I could have done the circles a little more tilted and tried to encompasses the cone top better- however it would have been hard just using shapes.



The fifth design assignment I did was Create your own logo for 2 stars. I created a logo for myself if I had a brand. I used “Stand Up” because my last name is Stanbro and I think this has a good message. I chose purple and black because they’re kinda intimidating yet cute colors and I feel like if I had a brand of say clothes it would have workout clothes and really cute stylish clothes so I wanted two colors that encompass that. I made the logo in Paint. I started by just brainstorming ideas. The way the S is drawn is something that was really cool in like 3rd grade and my brother use to draw it all the time. So I started just drawing that on my computer and then went from there.

logo 1

The first one I did looked really sloppy because I just hand drew it, so I started over and used the shape tool to create lines. This made the logo look a lot more put together and professional. Although I think I like the arrow I drew better and home it isn’t connected, because its more retro and hip.

Love at first shot

Caption from the August 27, 1945, issue of LIFE.
Caption from the August 27, 1945, issue of LIFE. “In the middle of New York’s Times Square a white-clad girl clutches her purse and skirt as an uninhibited sailor plants his lips squarely on hers.”

Honestly, when someone thinks of a photograph that captures love this is usually it. It’s iconic. This famous kiss took place after the victory over Japan Day. It was taken August 14, 1945. I like this photograph because it’s candid and not like today’s candids where they’re planned candids, but the photographer spontaneously captures this photograph. After U.S. President Harry S. Truman announced the end of the war on Japan at 7 o’clock American citizens erupted in celebration- that is when this photograph was captured. Because the photographer, Eisenstaedt, was photographing rapidly changing events during the celebrations he did not have an opportunity to get the names and details- which leave us to make up our own stories through this picture.

While reflecting on the photograph and our photography week I wondered if it was just in the photographers nature to know what elements were around him in order to get this amazing photograph. I feel like the balance of color is so good and the background, line, and angles are just perfect. However the photographer only had a few second to capture this image so he couldn’t have planned it out.. then I came across this:

From Eisenstaedt on Eisenstaedt:

In Times Square on V.J. Day I saw a sailor running along the street grabbing any and every girl in sight. Whether she was a grandmother, stout, thin, old, didn’t make a difference. I was running ahead of him with my Leica looking back over my shoulder but none of the pictures that were possible pleased me. Then suddenly, in a flash, I saw something white being grabbed. I turned around and clicked the moment the sailor kissed the nurse. If she had been dressed in a dark dress I would never have taken the picture. If the sailor had worn a white uniform, the same. I took exactly four pictures. It was done within a few seconds.

Only one is right, on account of the balance. In the others the emphasis is wrong — the sailor on the left side is either too small or too tall. People tell me that when I am in heaven they will remember this picture.

So he used his knowledge of photography to lead him to the subject, but all in all he was just in the right place at the right time.

This however is not the story I want to choose to believe. When I look at this photograph I think of a sailor who has just arrived home and its so overjoyed that the war is over and he can stay with the love of his life and they can start a family and life can go back to normal. When in reality he was just kissing a stranger in the streets. And not only that but one of many strangers he had kissed on the streets that day.

In another account the photographer says:

From The Eye of Eisenstaedt:

I was walking through the crowds on V-J Day, looking for pictures. I noticed a sailor coming my way. He was grabbing every female he could find and kissing them all — young girls and old ladies alike. Then I noticed the nurse, standing in that enormous crowd. I focused on her, and just as I’d hoped, the sailor came along, grabbed the nurse, and bent down to kiss her. Now if this girl hadn’t been a nurse, if she’d been dressed dark clothes, I wouldn’t have had a picture. The contrast between her white dress and the sailor’s dark uniform gives the photograph its extra impact.

I guess the moral here is that not everything is what it seems. However, if my someday child comes across this photograph I will let him or her make the photo out to what he or she may want.

Radio Show

Our group decided the best way to communicate is through email. We collectively came up with aspects that we wanted in our logo including grumpy cats, explosives, and sombreros and then Andrew Boswell made a killer logo for us.

FullSizeRender (2)

Andrew did a fantastic job making this so I want to give him a lot of props and make sure that you know how well he did and that this was his doing. We decided that we wanted our talk show to be called 9 lives. We’re sticking to this cat theme. And that maybe our topic would have something to do with 9 people or 9 things. Our group still has a lot of work to do and a lot more organizing, but it’s coming together. I’m learning that online group work is a lot different than group work in person.

x Kelsey

Week 5 Summary

This week I am going to try to write more of a “personal reflection on what you have learned this week, what are challenges, how you are seeing the world differently, what you learn about photography, what it means to tell a story visually.” This week was about photography. To tell a story visually means that a photograph/ work of art/ image grabs the viewers attention and invokes some kind of emotion. It should convey some kind of message and promote visual thinking.

Join a Group

The first assignment this week was to form a group and come up with a team name. I asked the members in my group, via Canvas, what they wanted or thought our team name should be and so far only one person has responded so hopefully someone will say something and we can get a conversation flowing so we can post that tomorrow.

How to be a better photographer

While doing this assignment I learned a lot about photography. Some of the tips I learned or applied to my work this week were:

  1. The broader the light source, the softer the light. The narrower the source, the harder the light. A broad light source lessens shadows, reduces contrast, suppresses texture. A narrow light source does the opposite.
  2. The closer the light source, the softer the light. The farther the source, the harder the light. This stands to reason: Move a light closer, and you make it bigger—that is, broader—in relation to your subject.
  3. The farther the light source, the more it falls off— gets dimmer on your subject. The rule says that light falls off as the square of the distance. That sounds complicated, but isn’t really. If you move a light twice as far from your subject, you end up with only one-quarter of the light on the subject.
  4. Different perspectives. Linear perspective is when relative size, shape, and position of objects are determined by drawn or imagined lines converging at a point on the horizon. Rectilinear is typical of what the human sees, lines that are straight remain straight. Vanishing point perspective deals with lines that are parallel to each other being perpendicular to the lens axis.
  5. Use the edges. Fine details and subjects become lost when placed in the center of the frame, they should be placed close to the camera and along the edge.
  6. Tilt up or down. The picture really changes depending on how you tilt it. Tilting upwards makes the sky bend towards the viewer, making the sky seem like a planet (in terms of the roundness and size). Tilting downwards will make the ground become a “planet”.
  7. Fisheye lens. You can use the fisheye lens to exaggerate the curvature of the Earth by moving an object or line to the edge of the frame. You can also use the lens to capture a picture of a whole ceiling.

This assignment didn’t pose many challenges, because the assignment was more to try new things and with trying new things comes failing and succeeding. From this assignment we had to write a blog post on our best photo. I chose this photo:


I applied perspective/angles to this photo and I also then broke it down into different categories and talked about how this photo fits into the different areas of photography on my blog.


The area that I did the photoblitzing activity was a perfect setting for this activity. The photo I like and that taught me the most was this one:


I think this shows a good example of lines. With the flags going up and down, the somewhat lines of flowers, and the “horizon” of flowers and trees. Then there’s the balance of color between the bright flowers on the bottom and the dark trees on top. The flowers at this angle also give the illusion of continuing on indefinitely.

I learned about what a photo representing a metaphor of complexity means through viewing other peoples pictures and searching Google. I commented on two other pictures that didn’t have a description for what they were, so I talked through what I thought they were and ended up really thinking, processing, and understanding the photograph.

Daily Creates

This weeks daily creates were all suppose to be posted in one blog post. Which I think I like better, it seems more organized.

The first daily create I did was Print All Over. We had to place stamps all over a photo of ourselves, I used Snapchat to complete this assignment. This application was very easy to use and place the stamps on. I couldn’t think of a witty saying like “Ants on My Pants” so I decided to place the recycling symbol all over my selfie and make a statement. This can be taken two ways; the literal meaning you should recycle or a more abstract meaning, as in selfies are recycled and over used. The latter demonstrates the shallowness of social media, while the first promotes the use of social media to endorse recycling. With this assignment I studied the use of light in photographs.

The second daily create was to create latte art. This was the first time I tried to use paint to cover up blank space and put a picture on another picture. This assignment compared to my visual assignment where we had to dram images on a photo shows a huge change in ability and precision. I first googled a picture of a latte and of Channing Tatum. I chose Channing Tatum, because we were just talking about him before I did this assignment and I wanted to do someone hot, because lattes are hot, so I thought it would be kinda ironic. I then cut Channing’s head out and pasted it in the center of the latte. However, when using Paint you can only cut squares, so when you cut out around a head it then becomes a square the fills in the excess with white. So I had to color the white in and blend it with the latte. I used the dropper to pick colors from the latte already and blend it together, then I spray painted it, to give it a foam/powder look.

The third daily create I did was Artsy or Not. I thought this was a really neat idea for a daily create. I decided to use The Beach Exhibit at The National Building Museum. I chose this because it was a picture that was on my Instagram that I could replicate with a background off Google. Where other pictures on my Instagram had obscene background. In order to make the assignment I use the cut and paste tool and the resize button on Paint. I used the resize button because it resizes the photo without making it fuzzy and unclear.

The forth daily create I did was to create a British road sign. I made it in paint using the shape tool, fill in tool, and the pencil. I ouldn’t think of a driving rule so I decided to do a futuristic driving sign.

Pimp up Your Flickr

  • I customized my Flickr URL it’s now https://www.flickr.com/photos/keepingupwithkelsey/B
  • I changed the default settings for new uploads and privacy


  • I practiced posting from my email which was a good tool to learn, because usually I have to email the picture to my computer so that I can post it on Flickr so it removes a step
  • I set up sharing for Facebook and TwitterC
  • I used interesting titles for my pictures so they would grab the readers attention
  • And last and  hardest of all I created a set on Flickr. However, there isn’t a set tab like all the tutorials I read said instead it’s an album tab so I think that things had changes on Flickr. I made an album of best of sets and put in three photographs that I liked. I then tried to embed it into WordPress, it gave my the link so I copy and pasted it, however it didn’t show up when I posted it. The page just had the actual code on it. I then googled some options and tried it several different ways to no avail. I tried going in through a Domain of One’s own and doing it but that didn’t work out either. So I could not figure out how to embed the link.


Visual Assignments

The first visual assignment I did was for 3 stars and it was required. I really liked this assignment and thought it was a really creative one. I thought it also allowed me to practice photo editing and messing around with photographs. This assignment shows a huge improvement from my Channing Latte assignment. In order to figure out what exactly this assignment was, because I didn’t really understand I looked at these two blogs (2 separate hyperlinks). I didn’t like how much they covered up the original image so I tried not to do that in my project, but I thought the coffee cup and the candle were a really good idea for this project. I began looking for idea in my room and living room. A friend suggested the lamp, but I didn’t really like that suggestion until I stood on our chair and looked down into the lamp and then I saw the possibilities.


In order to complete this assignment I downloaded several different Windows applications including: Adobe Photoshop Express and Crayola Photo Mix & Mash. However, neither worked very well. Photoshop just did basic filters and the Crayola one had limited color choices unless you payed. So I resorted back to my trusty Paint. I decided to use my touchscreen and stylus to get a more accurate drawing.

simon says

The first one I did was a Simon Says board from when you were kids. In case you don’t remember it’s the game when you have to follow the color pattern that lights up and the pattern gets progressively harder and harder.


The next one I made was a playground scene. I originally was just going to have the swing but then I likes the idea of making a secluded world inside of this circle. I also like, what I just noticed, that the girl kind of looks like shes sitting on the edge which would have been a good idea too. As I start writing this up I find a lot of new ideas I could do. Like a bike tire, a trashcan, a barrel/ monkey’s in a barrel.


The last one I did was a mixer mixing brownie batter in a really long bowl haha.

The Process

First I took the picture and opened it with Paint. I had to resize the image in order to make it a decent size. To do this without making the image fuzzy you have to use the resize button not just drag the corner. Then a box appears that looks like this5

The numbers always say 100, as it 100% of the size and then you can make it 50% and it will be half the size of the image.After this I began coloring.

In order to color this image I had to zoom in so i could see the lines. I also had to use the dropper tool to copy the color of the wire so I could go over the parts that I colored over with the colors. I used either the paint brush or marker and varried the size depending on the area I was coloring.


I tried to use the dropper to copy the color and cover up the line, however the lamp had a lop of differed shades on it and it made it really hard. So I tried to cut out strips and cover up the line.


This way worked better. In the above image you can see where I selected a rectangle.I then would not move it but just copy it and paste it and then continue pasting and moving to different spots until the line was covered up. After doing this I then also painted over some spots to blend it better.

The second visual assignment I did was 3.5 star assignment. We had to create a collage with four things on our bucket list. So first I had to chose my 4 things I decided on

  1. Visit every state in the U.S.
  2. Visit every continent (I have 4 left!)
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Be a contestant on CBS’s Big Brother

visual assignment bucketlist

I made this using Pic Collage. It’s super easy. I picked the cloud background and then posted the four images I had chosen to represent my four bucket list and then added text. I chose the clouds because they seemed to match my bucket-list items with traveling and skydiving. They’re also whimsical and a bucket list consists of dreams. The blue and white in the background match all of the pictures really well and then I put the writing on the left and the pictures kinda whimsical and slanted on the right to balance the image.


REAL POSTERThe third visual assignment I did this week was for 2.5 stars. It was to make a poster of your favorite sports player. I did 3 time Olympian Misty May-Treanor. I retrieved the main picture and the USA Volleyball logo from Google. I then put the main picture into Paint and the logo into a different Paint tab. I cut out the volleyball and the logos separately so that I could position them how I wanted, before they were on top of each other. I used Paint to color in the white with the paint can tool and then I used the spray paint can to make it blend in with the sand more. Adding the words to the poster was a lot harder! I mover the new poster with the logo to Word and then made a textbox and made the writing I wanted and added color and what not. Since it was a textbox and not a picture I couldn’t merge the two together. So what I did instead was screenshot the page and the paste the screenshot in Paint. Then I cropped the portion out and saved it as an image and now I had a poster

Overall I enjoyed this weeks and the different things I learned. I wish I could find a better photoshop app to use, that had more tools, I feel as if it would have made the assignments not only easier, but look cleaner and crispier. I grasped a new understanding and appreciation for photography and the thought that goes behind each and every photograph. I realized that a lot goes into taking the perfect photo and a photographer must consider the lighting, the angles, the color combinations, the background images, and so much more. They must consider what kind of lens to use and what shutter speed and how much exposure to use. Photography allows a person to view the world differently and then to share the new found perspective with others, so that the world can open their minds up to new possibilities and sights. It allows us to connect to places we have never been.

x Kelsey

Week 4 Summary

About Audio Storytelling

Week four was audio. I’ve never done anything with audio so I was excited to start and nervous to try new things. The first assignment was somewhat like our assignment last week when we had to write about what we though storytelling is.  This time we had to watch two different speakers and talk about audio storytelling. We listened to Ira glass and Jad Abumrad speak about their craft of storytelling and what it means to them. I then wrote a blog post about what I took out of the three videos.

I watched Part 1 and 2 of Ira Glass’ talk on storytelling. From that I learned that unlike writing, when you have a topic sentence and facts, broadcasting consists of an antidote and a moment of reflection. An antidote is a sequence of actions that answers questions along the way. A moment of reflection tells the point of the story. There are two problems with moments of reflection some are a really good story, but mean nothing and some are boring stories with good meanings. This I will use when I begin making my own audio stories. It will help me better structure and tell my story through audio.

I never knew that you could get a job reviewing ideas for radio shows. Kinda seems like a good job. It’s weird to think about how much goes into one broadcast and how long they work on it to get the perfect show. Part 2 talks about how these people must throw out a lot of ideas just to find a good one. Glass stresses that you cant be afraid to throw out ideas and get rid of ideas that didn’t work how one wanted.

Jad Abumrad video How Radio Creates empathy speaks about how because radio lacks pictures you must describe what would usually be seen. As a result of this people are connected because they must fill the gap of the lack of pictures.

Listening to stories

While choosing which story/ stories to listen to I realized why it’s important to have a good title. That’s the first thing I see when I’m choosing which stories I want to listen to by which title gets my attention. I decided to open a few of them and see the length and what they were about. However several would not load or the pages had to be killed. Some needed to be bought, but would let you download it, but for some reason it wasn’t working. I also wasn’t sure if we were to listen to one or three, the directions say to do both. So I got “ ‘Why This Compulsion To Run Long Distances?’ A Runner’s Beautiful Confession”  to pull up, but it opened as a transcript. I’m not sure if it being something to read or not ruins the project a little, but I read it, because 1. I was interested and 2. It was pulling up unlike other pages and 3. It had so many pictures so I figured it was suppose to be read. I was interested in this, because I started running this summer. Semi-long distances, about 3 miles, which is very long to me, but short to my running friends who run 12 on a semi-hard day.

While reading I tried to keep in mind what I learned about audio storytelling and how you need to have an antidote and a moment of reflection. The project opens up with a story and somewhat of a short mystery. It makes you ask yourself within the first couple sentence what did this biologist find in these ancient caves. I related to the question of “Why am I doing this? Why do I want to make myself hurt so?” I feel this while running, waking up early to go running, during grueling volleyball practices, and I often ask myself “Why am I doing this?” regarding school, classes, and even this online course.

I like how this audio story encompasses a visual story in the painting on the caves. The man an the ends triumphant stance answers the question in the previous paragraph. He represents “You beat your demons. You overcome yourself; that feels good.” The author of this also includes a comic strip from Matt Inman on why people run. I likes how certain words in this cartoon were bigger or written differently to emphasize certain points.

The end of the comic strip has a very clear message to take away. And the beginning tells a thrilling story that catches your attention. So even in a comment strip the two parts that make up an audio story are present. The author end the talk with the comic strip. I think he might have benefited by adding his own writing and view to the end, but the comic strip does encompass his view and answer what he set off to answer. However this was not something I listened to, it was more of a digital story.

I then listened to an hour podcast, by Ira Glass, entitled “How I Got Into College.” A podcast asking kids at Columbus University “What got you into this school?” There are several examples of background music in this piece. When there is a new Act there is an upbeat, poppy music. At first I thought the music was to correlate with what they were talking about, but it didn’t really make sense, then the topics changed and I realized it was just started very early. I wondered why they started it so early. In Act 2 he tells a story with a writer, Micheal Lewis. They jointly tell the story and music plays during certain parts. Elevator like music plays as the author talks about his opinion on getting in trouble and what his punishment was. Some upbeat piano music starts playing as Micheal discusses why he likes the story and the two story tellers speak on the meaning of the story to him. The music seems to point out the moment of reflection. So now Micheal and Amir/Emer (Not sure which one, so I’m going with Amir) begin telling Amir’s life story. While Amir tells what is happening in his perspective, Micheal gives the setting and adds other details that Amir would not have known at the time. The music during this portion plays at very viable times. Some guitar like, mariachi music plays as Micheal talks about the positive perspective that Amir has on all this misfortune that is happening around him. The musics stops and somewhat polka type music starts playing while Micheal talks about the struggles that the family had at there new home. Some very loud music plays as Amir speaks of reading, which might be pointing out his learning since this should be about getting into college. So I guess the music is illuminating this. Upbeat and fast pace music plays when Amir goes with his teacher to apply to a new school, this section of music makes sense and correlates to what is happening. This music then plays on and off again while Amir speaks of asking to go to this private school. The music does not seem to correlate to any specific timing when playing and not playing.

Personally I don’t think that the music fits the story all that well and I son’t see how it helps the story. I understand putting sad music to SPCA commercials but I didn’t feel like the music choice correlated with the feelings all that well. For example while Amir speaks about a bunny being kicked around and abused there is happy, upbeat music playing. When Amir translates a passage that is beautiful and sad there is no music in the background and I feel like there should be and that that would be a good time to put music in. The music does not correlate with the story/ what is going on. When the moment of reflection happens in Amir’s story there is no music which leads me to the question why is there music during Micheal’s story and not Amir’s. However, at the end when Ira speaks of his Moment of Reflection there is jazz like music. The majority of the music throughout this audio recording is to show transitions and possibly lapses in the story.

Audio stories

We had to do three audio stories from the digital assignment bank totaling eight stars. The first one I chose was Audio assignment 1665- Have a phone conversation with yourself (3 stars) I titled mine Staking Zac Efron. For this assignment I had to record myself having a conversation with myself and then change at least one of the voices to make it sound like two different people having the conversation.

I started this assignment by typing up a transcript in word. This way I would have the just of what I wanted to say and what the topic of the phone conversation would be and then I could kinda add in some of my own words and emotions as I read the script. I first tried to record it on my phone with an app called Recorder. However when I then sent this to my email I was unable to convert it to the appropriate file in order to upload it to Audacity to edit. I then tried to play the recording on my computer and record on Audacity, but Audacity did not pick up the sound coming from the computer. So then I played it off of my phone and recorded it through Audacity and that worked. Then I started editing, once I figured out how to select sections of audio, it was quiet easy. I played around for a little bit and then decided that changing the pitch would probably work best. I found a pitch that worked for each character and wrote down what is was so I could replicate it on each segment. In the end I think my assignment turned out fairly well and tells a humorous story with a twist at the end. I uploaded both the original with just my voice and the edited version to my Soundcloud in case anyone wanted to compare the two.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/224633181″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/224632772″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

The second assignment I did was Audio assignment 1551- Emotions through sound (3 stars). This assignment was to use four different sounds to cause an emotion. I did mine based on Fear of War. I clipped together different war sounds; guns shooting, a man screaming in terror, planes flying, and background noise to make this environment. I overlapped the sounds and had the screaming happening first and then die out to represent either the person’s death or maybe his escape. I retrieved the sounds from freesound.org in order to make my audio assignment.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/224633572″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=’450′ iframe=”true” /]

The final audio assignment I did this week was Audio assignment 1423- Make it 800% slower (3 stars).  For this assignment you have to take a song and slow it down to make it sound almost like classical music. The example was U Smile by Justin Bieber. I decided to do Life Happens by Brandon and Leah.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kyz6RiU6YQQ&w=560&h=315]

I was trying to figure out how to get a YouTube video into Audacity so I googled it. And this is what I found:

  • Step 1: Install ClipGrab. First of all, you need to install ClipGrab . …
  • Step 2: Copy the video link. …
  • Step 3: Insert the video link in ClipGrab. …
  • Step 4: Select download format and quality. …
  • Step 5: Grab that clip!

So I installed ClipGrab, but couldn’t figure out how to open it, it just kept installing. So I just recorded the song from my phone to Audacity.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/224733396″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

While trying to figure out how to get a YouTube video to Audacity (PS if you have any advice please share) I looked at blog post from other people who did this assignment and I found a blog that was helpful in another way. Although the blog, that the blog I was reading, got the information from was shut down, she summed up what she learned enough for me to use their information. She states

Instead of changing the speed of the song using the :change speed button” he suggested that instead you use the “paulstretch” effect. Which basically slows down the song without changing the pitch.

After discovering this glorious tool, the assignment became much easier.

So the first thing I did was play around with the “paulstretch” effect. This effect took approximately 20 minutes to change the original recording, so I was hoping I got it right the first time! And I did! The stretched version sounds very haunted and like a spooky scene in a movie. It seems to be very heavily played by a violin. Because it takes so long to save and upload the videos I’m only going to upload a portion of the stretched version because it is over 2 and a half hours long. Also the song just repeats itself the whole time, so it’s basically the same thing just repeated. I shorted it to about 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I felt like that length encompassed a good amount of sound and was short enough to listen to the whole thing and long enough to get a good idea of how the song sounds slowed down.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/224735369″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

I could not figure out how to upload the sounds from Audacity to SoundCloud, but then I reread the instructions *and email Professor Polack* and saw that you have to use the tool we downloaded at the beginning of the week. I had already downloaded it, but what you had to do was export the file and then you could change it to an MP3 file and upload it to SoundCloud.

Daily Creates

Here are the four daily creates I did this week. I like how this week encompassed a lot of different topics and types of daily creates.

TDC 1345- Suck it up Buttercup

TDC 1346- An Emophoto

TDC 1349- Bon voyage Jim

TDC 1350- Concrete Poem

Commenting in Week 4

This week I only had two comments from DS106 students. I enjoyed reading other peoples blogs on which audio story they chose to listen to. Although the one I listened to was interesting, I didn’t like it in terms of focusing specifically on the music correlating with the stories. Most of the music was used to show changes in topics where this blog talked about listening to Ghost stories and how the story and sound effects correlated. Such as a water gurgles or type writers. Miranda who wrote that blog also commented on my blog mentioned that she read my About Me page and asking questions about my major which was really cool. The other comment on my blog was somewhat weird and not really constructive.

After last week’s controversy, I decided to do an about-face for these reviews, starting with this one. The straightforward method, of reviewing the stories you heard, does suit you, but before everything gets turned in tomorrow, I would recommend reading over your previous entries, and making sure that your sentences were properly constructed. All in all, though, this was a good piece. #talkingpolack106
I didn’t really know what he meant by “last week’c controversy” and what an “about-face” review is. But this review seemed to lack helpful criticism on the content of my posts.  He tells me to review my previous entries which I will be sure to do, but I’m not sure if he means all of them or just the one he’s commenting on. I just feel as if it lacks an actual critique o the content and the purpose of my blog post.
From other blogs I read this week I learned several things. From this blog I learned aboutSketchbook which is an app that allows you to draw on pictures and just in general. I downloaded the application and I’m excited to get a chance to use it. I have a touchscreen laptop so I think this application will work really well with it. I felt as if Miles and I had the same opinion on Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad’s videos. We both seemed to take away the same key points.
This week we learned a lot! It was a lot of new information and trial and error. I’ve never used Audacity so that whole process was very new to me. I still do not know how to save a YouTube video from YouTube, but I worked my way around it. I learned that Professor Polack usually gives us the tools we need and that I need to read the instructions better. I learned that SoundCloud does not take Audacity files and you need to convert to an MP3 before you can upload it. And to change an Audacity file to an MP3 you need to export it. I used several new programs this week including Audacity, Sketchbook, Vintage it, VideoMerger, freesound.org and then I downloaded a couple other photo apps and started playing around with them. I’m not a fan of my voice so it was weird to have to record myself for some of the audio assignments. I learned that it is fairly easy to play around and change pitch, tone, etc. Overall I’ve really enjoyed how this week has taken me out of my comfort zone and made me try new things.
x Kelsey

Week 3 Summary

What comes to mind when we say “storytelling”?

It’s funny when someone asks a question of what does this word mean. And the word is usually a fairly simple word that we use everyday or we know what it means, but to explain it to someone is really hard to do. When I babysit I have this problem when the kids ask me what something means. It’s almost like we just grasp the concept, but we can’t explain it we just know. I’ve also experienced this with one of my best friends who was a foreign exchange student from Germany. Storytelling is something we just do or take part in, but how do you define it? That’s what I tried to do it my blog post.

In this unit I learned that digital stories can have a lot of words like in Swarley the Missing Dinosaur ,the past ds106 story that I reviewed, or it can just be pictures such as our assignment to tell a story in 5 pictures or in 3,000 Miles in 30 Seconds(ish)  where she tells her journey across country with the pictures of the scenery. I learned that storytelling encompasses a lot more aspects than I expected and most things are stories, such as commercials.

The Shape of Stories

I wrote my blog post after watching Kurt Vonnegut’s video the Shape of Stories I started brainstorming different examples of stories that followed these patterns and then I decided on Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks. A classic song and one of my favorites.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw7gNf_9njs&w=420&h=315]

I decided to do a drawing to visually represent the song much like Maya Eilam did in her examples. This example made a lot of sense to me and I enjoyed looking at other students examples and there curves.

Goodbye Earll

Wanda starts out with ill fortune has her high school best friends Mary Anne leaves for bigger and better things. Wanda has nothing going for her and settles with Earl, after being married for two weeks he starts abusing her. Finally, Wanda files for a divorce and gets a restraining order. This does not stop Earl who puts her in intensive care. Mary Anne flies in and they work out a plan to kill Earl. They feed him poisoned black eyed peas and he dies. The police show up to take Earl in but he is “missing.” Although no one is actually missing him. They wrap him in a tarp and dispose of him. The girls buy some land and live out the rest of their lives happy selling ham and strawberry jam and they don’t loose any sleep at night.

While pulling up the Goodbye Earl music video I had to watch a commercial first.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfsenuxS7pY&w=560&h=315]

I think that commercials are a form of digital storytelling. By making a commercial a story you better grasp the attention of the buyer, they also will remember the product better. This commercial tells the story of a guy who forgot to order new contacts and now can’t see what he is putting on his toothbrush, but grabs a container that is the same shape as toothpaste would be. Unfortunately for him it is hemorrhoid cream. The overall message is “Never run out of contacts” order from 1800CONTACTS.

Appreciating past DS106 Stories

I chose to write a blog post about a final project entitled Swarley the Missing Dinosaur. The writer of the blog Christine starts with “Once upon a time” which I thought was funny because in my blog post I talked about how I think of this phrase when I think of storytelling. What was really funny was the other phrase I think of is “Happily Ever After” but Christine ended it with a funny and disastrous end and then she writes “The End.” I believe this is a digital story because it tells a story while encompassing videos, pictures, and sound.

She starts off the story my writing about a dinosaur that lost his parents, he went looking for them in the dark with his camcorder and this is what he saw/heard

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLqxlwBMb7o&w=560&h=315]

He didn’t find his parents, but he remembered he had a picture collage of his family.


This didn’t cheer him up much so he wrote a poem.


The poem also didn’t work, so he went to bed. The next day he heard music so he followed the sound. He heard an announcement on the radio from his parents talking about how they lost Swarley.

Swarley was soon reunited with his parents. Unfortunately, a week later all the dinosaurs were killed off by a meteor.

This story works well on it’s own. It’s not exactly what I pictured for a digital story, but that’s why I’m in the course, to learn what a digital story is. I guess I just pictured something maybe a little more elaborate or with less writing. Overall I enjoyed the theme of this story and I really like that she added the SoundCloud. I think it would have been neat if instead of a photo collage she did an interactive book that you could flip.

Telling stories with photos

I chose to do Tell a Story in Five Frames. I knew that I wanted to do a story about a girl in bed and then she sees a shadow and is scared, but it’s actually just a stuffed animal. Unfortunately, not a lot of people have stuffed animals in college so I ended up using this owl that we had for decoration in our room. I really likes the shadow that it created and how my arm appears looking almost branch like. I made the photos black and white to give more of an effect of the lights being off. I really liked how my project came out and then I wrote a reflection on it on my blog. Recently I’ve been disappointed in the use of social media in my life and how I revolve around how many likes my Instagram picture gets or what others are doing via twitter and this week I realized how powerful technology is and how it can connect people and I would really like to start using it for the betterment of humankind other than superficial reason and that is what I talk about in my reflection.

Daily Creates

This week I had no problems with the daily creates. The new webpage is so easy and stress-less! The first daily create I did on Monday however was very awkward and embarrassing! I woke up to this daily create, which made me feel really awkward, because it’s based upon a tweet I tweeted September 3rd.

At first I just thought someone tweeted at me regarding the tweet and then I got on my computer to check what today’s daily create was and I saw the same post that had been “tweeted at me.”

FullSizeRender (1)

I immediately texted my 2 best friends and my mom, who didn’t understand the whole thing and what a daily create is so I texted my roommate, who took the course before. And we basked in how awkward this daily create is. Throughout the day my phone kept buzzing with Twitter notifications and I felt like I needed to respond or at least favorite all the daily creates because they were to me and they were all really nice. This brought me to another question… Can I do this Daily Create? lol I figured who best to cheer me up them me? (even though this happened awhile ago and I fixed most of it and redid the rest and now I’m completely over it, but everyone can use a good laugh or cute puppy picture right?) So here is how I decided to “cheer myself up.”

After I posted this I got a comment from the person who posted it saying he was sorry and that he should have warned me about it

The second daily create I did was poetry which I don’t like but it wasn’t too hard of an assignment.

I did think that this was a really cool assignment. The power that technology has is so astonishing to me. The fact that all these people can come together to write a collaborative poem is so cool. I also saw this while starting my “Tell a story in 5 frames” assignment. It has the same concept of a group of people coming together to create, share, and inspire others.


The third daily create I did was to write a short story about the ocean in your backyard.

The forth daily create I did was to draw your peak utopia.

Commenting and Twitter

I really liked the way that this blog was set up with the top being pictures from different blog post and you could click on them to read it. I thought that was a really neat way to organize. It was very funny reading different post from the day when the daily create was directed at me. After reading this post I’m glad I’m not the only one who though it would be weird to be the center of attention. I thought this daily create was very creative and I enjoyed the play on words. I thought it could have been enhanced by incorporating an actual scene from the movie or the theme of the movie into it.

I was surprised that a lot of the comments I got on my blog (on this post) were about how people didn’t think of commercials as a digital story until I had mentioned that it a blog post. I was excited to see that after reading my post they agreed and thought that it was a great example. Those were the only comments I received on my blog so hopefully by commenting and interacting with other blogs I will receive some more feedback and comments.

My week!

This week was a lot less stressful and I’m really getting the hang of things. I didn’t have problems with the Daily Creates which was great and I did most of the work on Monday so I did not feel overwhelmed. I am really enjoying this course and look forward to the rest of it and what I will learn and how my definition of storytelling and digital storytelling will evolve throughout the course. I don’t think I had any problems posting or completing any of the work this week. I hope I posted the “Telling a story in 5 frames” correctly. I believe I did, I was a little nervous about that just because I didn’t want to mess up their page.

x Kelsey